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This paper is to be about the company (Nike)! Length:  It is to be 2.5 to 3 pages of single-spaced text.  You must have a citation page as well.  Layout:

This paper is to be about the company (Nike)!

Length:  It is to be 2.5 to 3 pages of single-spaced text.  You must have a citation page as well. 

Layout:  You will have three major sections: History, Marketing Mix, and Key Reasons to Invest.  

To receive credit, you must incorporate terminology and content from the assigned chapters in your textbook when discussing each component of the marketing mix.  For example, the sports-sponsorship strategies are traditional, venue naming rights, licensing and endorsements.  How is the company using each element in their IMC strategy?

Grading Criteria:  You will be graded on content, following the guidelines, grammar, spelling and proper citations.  Any “cutting and pasting” from sources will result in a significant point reduction.  ALL work in this course is to be written and submitted in your own words. 

Below are guidelines for the sections:

l.  History (about 1/2 page)

In this section, you will discuss the company’s background.  This includes:  When was it established?  Who are the founders?  Where is the firm headquartered?  Why was it established?  How has the company grown throughout the years?  How has the firm differentiated itself from competitors?

ll.  Marketing Mix (about 1.5 to 2 pages)

This is the key part of your paper.  You will thoroughly analyze each area of the marketing mix.  This section will be broken into four areas:

A. Product

B. Price

C. Distribution 

D. Promotion 

As mentioned before, you must incorporate specific terminology and content from the corresponding assigned chapters in your textbook.

lll. Key Reasons to Invest (about 1/2 page)

CNBC Markets is a good place to find information about stocks.  After going to their Website, for example, and submitting the name of a company in Quote Finder, you’ll find lots of data about that firm, including its most recent price (located at the top), links to related articles, and financial information.  Other good resources include Yahoo Finance and, of course, the company’s own Website.

The New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are the two major exchanges where stocks are bought and sold.  If a company doesn’t show up on one those exchanges, it’s most likely small, privately owned, or not based in the United States.  

Financial advisors feel that a key to creating personal wealth is via investing in the stock market.  I completely agree.  Below is a link to an excellent article on investing: 

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