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Week One iLibrary Instruction Session Tutorial – 2 Paragraph Summary Top of FormHide Assignment InformationInstructions

Week One iLibrary Instruction Session Tutorial – 2 Paragraph Summary

Top of Form

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Week 1 Resources Applied Activity:

iLibrary Tutorial & Library Instruction Session Tutorial – 2 Paragraph Summary (due Sunday)


Complete the following tutorials then write and submit a 2 Paragraph Summary of what you’ve learned from each of these tutorials using the APA 7 Template provided in Course Resources as your first practice. First, take time to review Course Resources section on APA. Then download and read through the entire template, save a second copy and write your assignment directly in it, save and upload.

Be sure to reference the tutorials in ‘References’ section of your paper. Note: abstract is not needed for weekly assignments (only for your final Signature Assignment).

iLibrary Tutorial & Library Research Instruction Session

Please complete the 2 tutorials below from National University’s library.

The assignment can be found under the Library’s tutorial page, and links here.

These are a self-paced orientation and research tutorials. This general introduction to library services and resources focuses on how to find books and e-books in the Library’s online catalog; how to find articles in a general article database; how to borrow books; how to request library materials; how to begin library research; how to contact a librarian for more assistance; and how not to plagiarize. A glossary of library terms is also provided.

These resources will come in handy for all of your assignments and especially when needed to incorporate sources for your final paper in this course, your Signature Assignment – Autobiography of a Generalist.

See the iLibrary information page and below for links.

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