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Week 7 – Assignment: Design the Marketing Plan You have completed your analysis of the internal and external environment for

Week 7 – Assignment: Design the Marketing Plan

You have completed your analysis of the internal and external environment for the marketing plan to regain market share and improve communication and clinical quality for patients with congestive heart failure and heart attack. Given your relationship with the community health department, the chief executive officer is fully onboard to address the issues as a partner in your marketing efforts.

It is now time to design the marketing campaign.

Assignment Instructions:

Using your community analysis from Week 6, create an outline for your marketing plan. Marketing communication includes channels, reach, specificity, and impact. Channels are how the message will be communicated (e.g., direct mail, phone calls, social media, television ads, etc.). The reach is the number of people who will be exposed to a channel. The specificity is how accurately the message can be targeted to specific groups, and the impact is how influential a message will be to arouse interest and evoke participation in the project.

You can provide this information in a table format using this example:

Table 8. Marketing Communication

















Social media




Email blast




In your marketing plan’s outline and summary, identify the targeted audience and justify your selection of this market segment. Be sure to consult the issues/strategies table from Week 5 and your analysis of the community profile from Week 6 to identify the market segment at risk.

As you design your marketing and communication plan, keep in mind the following examples. Remember, your community demographics will guide your identification of the market segment.

Examples of your target audience include:

· Residents over 65 years of age who have a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, or previous cardiac arrest.

· Residents who may not have English as their primary language or lack language fluency and comprehension to understand discharge instructions for post-hospital self-care and compliance.

Remember, you are using innovative thinking to create a strategy addressing issues in communication and clinical quality. Your marketing plan should reflect creative processes to attract the attention of your target audience and the community at large.

Length: minimum of 3 pages, not including the title page and reference page—include your completed marketing communication chart in your report

References: minimum of 5 scholarly references

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