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This is the last part of the project. When you done put everything together (doc attached) with all the references at the end of the

This is the last part of the project. When you done put everything together (doc attached) with all the references at the end of the document


Explore the problem in-depth and with scholarly rigor. Provide an identification and description of the root causes of the problem or issue. Be sure not to address only symptoms of your problem. Diagnose the problem and its origins.
A critical element of this section is to apply leadership and organization concepts and models from our text, from class discussions, and from your literature review. Discuss the concepts, ideas, or insights that are most valuable in helping you make sense of the causes of the problem. Support your analysis with reference to appropriate research material.
Refer to and appropriately include the information and ideas you developed in the two papers you researched and wrote in Weeks 5 and 6. To reiterate, the topics of those previous papers included: a) How organizational theories improve operations, b) How values and attitudes influence decision making, and c) Influence of various structures and lines of authority.
Your research paper should address the following four course objectives, at a minimum:
1. Evaluate how organizational theories and practices can improve organizational operations (Week 5).
2. Analyze how values, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and personality influence decision making in the workplace (Week 2).
3. Analyze the impact of different structures and lines of authority on organizational strategy and culture (Week 6).
4. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of enterprise-wide functions relevant in the global economy.


Identify at least three (no more than five) potential workable solutions to your problem and identify the pros and cons of each alternative solution and its high-level implementation steps.
Identify your preferred solution and describe exactly what should be done and how it should be done, including by whom, with whom, and in what sequence. Always explain your thinking behind your final solution set. It’s important to be clear about why a particular alternative (solution) was chosen, as opposed to others.


Think about this assignment and write a well thought out reflective statement about how this assignment influenced your personal, academic, and professional leadership and managerial development.

Due Tuesday 18th 6PM New York Time / 3 pages

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