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The impact of social media on political campaigns: Analyze the role of social media over time in connecting special interest groups that have grown

The impact of social media on political campaigns: Analyze the role of social media over time in connecting special interest groups that have grown stronger as the 2 major political parties have grown weaker. Explain why the media has been called the fourth branch of government.

My specific directions must be followed; you may not format the paper as you want.

· Paper must be a minimum of at least 4 full pages (
partial or half pages do not count) and a max of 8 pages.

· Paper must be typed with 1-inch margins on all sides and use a 12-point—Times New Roman font.

· Line spacing should be 2.0 lines with a small indentation at the start of the paragraph no extra space.

· The pages should be numbered in the lower right corner.

· Your name, class section, and date should be in the header of each page in a straight line spaced evenly across the header.

· No cover page or abstract is needed, but you must have a separate reference/work cited page that does not count as one of the term paper pages.

· No pictures, graphs, or copied work can be in the body of the paper, if you need these they are attached after the work cited page and do not count toward the page count.

· Only papers submitted on Canvas will be accepted and no late papers will be accepted at all.

· All papers must be in a format that can be opened in Safe Assign, and Canvas You must ensure it is fully uploaded and accepted by Canvas.

· All papers will be automatically reviewed for plagiarism, Al generated, and papers purchased. All papers that show signs of these things will automatically receive a 0.


You will need to have at least three references 
both academic peer review sources meaning they come from sources written by experts or reviewed such as papers and books and original data such as government research and statistics. 
No Wikipedia, Kahn Academy, YouTube, PBS video, “crash course” political sites, history channel, social media, or videos. You may not use your textbook, my PowerPoints, and the lectures as references.

On a separate sheet (does not count to the 4 pages) provide a properly APA formatted reference page. Academically accepted sources can be found using the school’s online library, or on-campus library. Cutting and pasting a website is not a citation and putting in hyperlink in the text is not proper APA format.  You must use inline APA citations and a proper APA reference page. page. If you do not know how to do this you should contact the writing lab for help, Go to Purdue Owl online writing
APA Style Introduction – Purdue OWL® – Purdue University or the school librarians. The purpose of citation is to give others credit for their work and to able more research. Do not use other people’s work without giving them credit in citations, even if you are paraphrasing them. Rule 1 better to cite work if in doubt. You may not submit a paper previously used in another course, one or from another school, the program will pick it up as plagiarism.

RUBRIX (a two-point deduction for each mistake in the paper will be standard.)

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