Using 2 motivation theories, explain some of the reasons behind the


Birmingham Fitness Gym (BFGym) is a medium-sized gym that is very popular among the residents of Birmingham City Centre. The gym has an excellent location right at the heart of the city and is reputable for its friendly staff and amiable atmosphere. The gym consists of a main workout room along with a studio where designated courses take place. The gym used to have a breakout room for staff but this has recently been converted into another training space as the number of customers increased from 200 to 540 subscribers. In total, the gym employs 50 people, distributed among management, personal trainers, class instructors, administrators, and cleaners. Overall, BFGym has a clear operating structure. Management, consisting of former trainers, puts down a schedule of classes and sessions to be taught and cascades it down to its trainers. So far, customers seem to enjoy coming to the gym primarily because of the professional services that it provides and management was assured that the gym was being effectively managed with satisfied customers and engaged workforce. Strolling around the gym one day, Kate, the head of BFGym, was surprised to have overheard several of the employees talk about quitting their jobs. Knowing how crucial her employees are for the effective functioning of the gym, Kate took the remarks seriously and decided to look further into the issue. She wanted to gain more information in an attempt to keep her staff from quitting. After all, turnover costs are high and Kate did not want to disrupt the atmosphere at the gym. She started off by talking directly to the employees and found out several issues among the class instructors that need to be addressed.


You are required to write a 2000-word essay (+/- 10%, excluding references, tables, figures, and appendices) analysing some of the OB issues at BFGym. Please answer all questions from the blue box labelled “Compulsory” and one question from the yellow box labelled “Elective” (totalling FOUR questions): Compulsory:

1. Using 2 motivation theories, explain some of the reasons behind the lack of motivation of staff at BFGym.

2. Guided by theory and research on group and teamwork, highlight some of the process losses and some of the process gains of the group work at BFGym. What recommendations would you give them to enhance their group work better?

3. What is the dominant culture at BFGym? Based on what you learnt on culture, what would a more suitable culture be and why? Elective: 1. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of BFGym bureaucratic structure? Use examples from the case and from the literature to support your answer. 2. Using theories on individual differences, analyse the behaviour of 3 of the trainers. What is the impact of their personality, skills, or perceptions and attributions on their performance? 3. In light of leadership theories, analyse the leadership of Kate and Philip. Compare and contrast their leadership styles. What recommendations would you give them to be better leaders? 4. With respect to power, how do Philip and Jane differ in their sources of power? What recommendations would you give them to gain better influence with 1) their group members and 2) the management team? 5. Analyse some of the stress factors at BFGym. What types of interventions would be most suitable to deal with stress?

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 Description THEORIES AND WORLDVIEW ESSAY Purpose To write an essay in which you compare the foundational features of your worldview with the foundational features of one developmental theory discussed in our course materials. Background Every person who has ever lived bases his or her life on a set of basic assumptions. These assumptions form the foundation of his or her worldview. One’s worldview influences his or her work. This is true of everyone. For this paper we will identify worldview assumptions evident in the work of developmental theorists. Using this information, we will identify one theory that is compatible with our own personal worldview and write an essay describing and supporting our evaluation of this theory. To review, remember that one’s worldview can be identified by answering these five questions: 1. How did it all begin? This is the question of origins. 2. Who am I? This is the question of identity. 3. What is my purpose? This is the question of meaning. 4. Does truth exist? This is the question of morality. 5. Is this all there is? This is the question of destiny. Tasks Write a brief* essay addressing the following topics: 1) Identify and explore important assumptions from your worldview by answering the questions listed above (in paragraph form; not a numbered list of questions). 2) Briefly describe key concepts and features of one developmental theory. In your discussion of this theory identify at least two important worldview assumptions described in our course materials. 3) Compare your worldview beliefs with the worldview beliefs evident in the developmental theory you have chosen. In what ways is your worldview compatible with this theorist? In what ways is your worldview different? Provide one or two practical examples to support your statements. *Your essay must include at least 500, but no more than 800 words. Please edit your work to stay within these parameters. Requirements 1. Identify your sources! APA guidelines require that a citation be used to identify any/all sources of information that are not considered common knowledge. 2. Do not include direct quotes; instead paraphrase information about your chosen theory. Remember that your source must be identified with a citation even if you rewrite the information in your own words. 3. Your assignment will include the following: • An APA-formatted title page. • 2 – 3 pages of text (at least 500, but not more than 800 words). • An APA-formatted reference page. 4. Please edit your work to stay within the assignment parameters. Stay on topic, and write in a clear manner.



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We have been working with learning theories focused on behaviorism to

You have already completed mini-assignments which will help you complete this paper. These assignments include Behaviorism, Social Learning, and Conditioning. You can reference these assignments in Canvas to help you with this paper. Outline: Section 1: Introduction Begin with a general overview of the topic (behaviorism) and relate background information, tell a brief story, propose a question, define a key term, present an example, or draw an analogy. The final sentence must be the thesis statement (what you are writing about). Do not say, “In this paper, I will…” or “This paper will be about…” Section 2: Learning Theories and Plans of Action Body Paragraph 1: Explain what behaviorism, social learning, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning are. Explain how students learn and grow with these theories and what students have to do to learn/grow. Explain if the theories are still relevant today, or if they have changed across ages and cultures. Body Paragraph 2: Explain how you’ve learned from social learning in the past. Explain how you will use social learning and/or what you learned from the Social Learning Activity to improve in the future. If you’ve already taken action and have seen improvements, tell about it. Body Paragraph 3: Explain how you’ve learned from classical and operant conditioning in the past. Explain how you will use classical and/or operant conditioning and/or what you learned from the Conditioning Activity to improve in the future. If you’ve already taken action and have seen improvements, tell about it. Before and after each body paragraph, you will need to add transitions linking the paragraphs together. Section 3: Conclusion These are your final words on the topic. What do you want your reader to remember? You may want to conclude this paper by looking into the future. Now that you know this information, how will your life be different 5 years from now if you follow through with your plans? Do not use “In conclusion,” in this paragraph. Do not say “In this paper, I …” or “My paper has been about…” in this paragraph. Requirements: 5 well-developed paragraphs MLA format – double spaced with header, heading, 12 pt Times New Roman This paper is your own and should not be researched. Therefore, there should be no quotes or paraphrasing, so a Works Cited should not be included.

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Define and discuss the difference between individual-focused theories

 For this assignment, your task is to respond to the following in an integrated essay format. Define and discuss the difference between individual-focused theories (Johnson and Holtzworth-Munroe batterer typologies, criminal justice model) and structural theories (feminist) of violence. Then choose at least 2 of the following questions to answer in the essay: What types of policies or policy changes would a psychologist concerned with batterer personalities advocate compared with a feminist who believes that society is basically supportive of male violence? Should interventions look different in common couple incidents of violence versus cases of terrorist violence? What role do race and/or class play in our understanding and address of domestic violence? Should domestic violence be considered a result of the patriarchy? Why or why not? There are multiple perspectives and answers for each of the following questions. Your answers should be a combination of personal opinion informed by material presented in the text.Cite the textbook, readings and lecture throughout your essay when information is used directly from these sources.

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Name two philosophers who had theories on knowledge.

Write a 2-5 page double spaced, typed paper with citations in MLA format. Be sure to answer all of the questions posed in fully explained sentences.

You will be graded on: Names, Opinions, Theories, Examples and the reason Why you have your beliefs. Knowledge: Name two philosophers who had theories on knowledge. Name and explain each of their theories in full. Give an example of how each theory works. Give an example of how each theory can fail us. Do you think it is possible to know all? Is it possible that we have a limit to our knowledge? (Who, what, where, when, why and how)

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Conspiracy Theories: Why does people feel Tupac is still alive?

For this assignment, you will develop a sophisticated research question that explores an “unsolved mystery.” There are many ways for you to interpret this concept. You can interpret the concept literally–as in mysteries/events that have yet to be definitively answered, such as “Who killed Tupac and Biggie?” or “Did Robert Durst commit murder?” or “Is there life on other planets, and if so, why haven’t we met them yet?” or “Is Bigfoot real?”. You can also interpret it in other ways, with interesting deep dives into specific topics/events. Examples here include, “Why do people believe in ghosts?”, “Why do people see a human face in a tree or rock, where none really exists?”, “Why did people use leeches as medical treatment?”, or “What are the most recent advances in brain science?”. You should consider how to categorize your question using critical thinking/question categories and strategies of argument discussed in your handouts, notes, and readings. Please review the page “An Argument Can Be…” before embarking on this project! Assignment Process + Instructions For this assignment, you will compose an essay with a strong thesis statement and evidence, coherent body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion. You are required to use four sources for this assignment.

The sources can be anything you want (photo, audio, map, article, website, video, interview, survey, census, data, graphs, trees, art, literature, book, etc.) as long as they meet the following two parameters: A) You must have sources from at least two different modes (ie-print and digital, textual and visual, etc.) and B) One of your sources must be accessed through our library (catalog, database). As long as they meet those 2 criteria, your source selection is entirely up to you. You should choose the sources that have the most credibility, accuracy, and relevance to your topic. You should choose the best sources to answer your research question. *Your audience for this assignment is an interdisciplinary audience of college students, scholars, and inquisitive adults (the kind who watch PBS). The genre for this assignment is researched argumentation.* In order to complete this assignment, you should go through the following steps: Invention and Critical Thinking: Come up with a topic, conduct background research, and develop a research question. Research your question. Carefully choose four sources. Read and make notes as you go. Develop a working thesis statement based on your research. Draft body paragraphs and outline the conclusion of your essay. Draft your introduction and conclusion. As part of the introduction section, revise your working thesis statement into a more polished thesis based on your essay draft.

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Pick one of the theories of persuasion and discuss its origin,

Pick one of the theories of persuasion and discuss its origin, traditional applications in strategic communication, and how its application has changed in the landscape of social media, interactive platforms and audiences. Support your answer with comprehensive research and analysis.

The essay should be • Clarity and quality of your argument and analysis • Comprehensiveness of the your research and literature review • Originality • Conduct in-depth secondary research in order to answer the question and present that in your essay. • Present your own argument and analysis in a thoughtful way, which is backed up by evidence. Recommended references: 1. Werner Severin & James Tankard Jr. (2001). Theories of persuasion. In Communication theories: Origins, methods and uses in the mass media. 5th ed. Longman. p. 151 -184. 2. Michael Miller & Timothy Levine. (2009). Persuasion. In An integrated approach to communication theory and research, Stack & Salwen (eds.). Routledge. p. 245-259

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Motivation Theories

 write as a discussion post style. (Book pages attached) The text discussed many aspects of motivation and the application of motivation theories.  discuss the following question(s): Organizations are using telecommuting/working remotely on an increasing basis over the last 20 years. As with all things, this work structure has it benefits and issues. Please consider the following points and develop your answer: Do you believe that more organizations should move towards telecommuting (assuming the nature of their business can accommodate it)? If yes, why so? If not, why and what do you suggest? Can employees be properly motivated if they are working away from the office for a significant amount of time? If so, how? If not, what could be done? Additionally, do you think office/organization productivity would increase or decrease utilizing a telecommuting approach? Regardless if you agree or disagree with telecommuting, what do you recommend that organizations should do in regards to motivating employees dealing with increasing work-life “imbalance”?

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compares and contrasts two mental health theories

Submit a paper which compares and contrasts two mental health theories:

  • You may choose your theories from the textbook or from other sources.
  • Describe each theory, including some history about the person who developed the theory and the major ideas and applications of the theory.
  • Describe the ways in which the two theories are similar, and how they differ.
  • Include a statement of how each theory could be used in your nursing practice. Include specific patient examples if you have them. You may also critique the theory: Is there anything with which you disagree or are there any problems you can identify?
  • It is expected that this essay will be 2-3 pages in length (not including the title page), double-spaced. Your paper should include an introduction and conclusion and proper APA citations from any source material you use, including your text.

Expert Solution Preview

The field of mental health has evolved over the years and has given rise to different theories that aim to explain human behavior and mental processes. In this paper, we will compare and contrast two mental health theories: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Theory. We will discuss the history of each theory, the major ideas and applications, similarities and differences between the two, and how each theory can be applied in nursing practice.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):
CBT is a widely used approach in mental health therapy that focuses on changing the patterns of thinking and behavior of an individual. Aaron Beck is credited with developing this theory in the 1960s while working with depressed patients. The major idea behind CBT is that an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected, and changing one of these elements can lead to a change in the others. CBT is used in the treatment of various mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Psychodynamic Theory:
Psychodynamic theory is one of the oldest and most influential theories in the field of mental health. Sigmund Freud developed this theory in the late 19th century, and it gained widespread recognition in the early 20th century. The major idea behind the theory is that our unconscious mind plays a significant role in shaping our behavior and mental processes. Freud believed that human behavior was driven by unconscious conflicts, and our childhood experiences had a significant impact on our adult behavior. Psychodynamic theory is used in the treatment of various mental disorders such as personality disorders and anxiety.

Similarities and Differences:
Both CBT and Psychodynamic theory are widely used in the field of mental health, and they share some similarities. Both theories recognize the role of our thoughts and emotions in shaping our behavior. However, there are some significant differences between the two. CBT is a more cognitive and behavioral approach that focuses on the present and the future, while Psychodynamic theory is a more holistic approach that focuses on the past and the unconscious mind.

Application in Nursing Practice:
CBT and Psychodynamic theory can be applied in nursing practice to provide better care for patients. In the case of CBT, nurses can use this approach to help patients change their maladaptive thinking and behaviors. For example, a nurse can use CBT to help a patient suffering from anxiety by teaching them relaxation techniques and challenging their negative thoughts. In the case of Psychodynamic theory, nurses can use this approach to help patients explore past experiences that may be contributing to their current mental health problems. For example, a nurse can use Psychodynamic theory to help a patient suffering from a personality disorder to explore their past relationships and attachment issues.

Both CBT and Psychodynamic theory have their strengths and weaknesses. One of the strengths of CBT is that it is a goal-oriented approach that can produce quick results. However, the weakness of CBT is that it may not be suitable for patients with severe mental illnesses or those who have difficulty reasoning logically. Similarly, one of the strengths of Psychodynamic theory is that it can provide insights into an individual’s unconscious mind. However, the weakness of Psychodynamic theory is that it can be a lengthy and expensive process, and it may not be suitable for all patients.

In conclusion, both CBT and Psychodynamic theory are essential approaches in the field of mental health. While they share some similarities, they have significant differences in their approach to treatment. However, by understanding each theory’s strengths and weaknesses, nurses can provide better care to their patients by using a more holistic approach that incorporates elements of both theories.

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Major Sociologic Theories: Three major theories in the discipline of

Write an informal essay paper (about 1000 words) on the three major theories in the discipline of sociology; Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interaction. Be sure to include at least two sociologists from each of the theories who have advanced the school of thought in the study of sociology. Which theory did you seem to gravitate to throughout the readings and videos, and why? This assignment is to become familiar with the three theories which will be incorporated into the eight social problems assignments.

Grading criteria for the Sociological Theories

grading criteria possible points content knowledge learned & understanding of the three sociological theories 60 personal reflection on course pertaining to students own world and favored theory 20 proper use of grammar, spelling, writing organization, and staying on topic, submitted on time 20

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