To what extent did the Soviet Gulag system influence the creation and

There are 3 parts to the paper Section 1:

In Section 1, the writer will analyse two key sources used in the investigation. The sources can be either primary or secondary sources. In this section the writer must: clearly state the question being investigated (this must be stated as a question) include a brief explanation of the nature of the two sources selected for detailed analysis, including an explanation of their relevance to the investigation analyse two sources in detail. With reference to the origins, purpose and content, the writer should analyse the value and limitations of the two sources in relation to the investigation. Recommended word allocation: 500 words.

Section 2: The ‘Investigation’, consists of the actual historical inquiry. This section closely resembles a traditional research essay. The task is to construct a clear, well-structured, logical and analytical response to the research question. The investigation must be clearly and effectively organised. While there is no prescribed format for how this section must be structured, it must contain critical analysis that is focused clearly on the question being investigated, and must also include the conclusion that the drawn from the analysis.

In this section, the writer must use a range of evidence to support your argument. Please note that you can use primary sources, secondary sources, or a mixture of the two. Suggested word count 1300 Section 3: In this section, the writer should reflect on the methods used by, and the challenges faced by the writer as the historian. Relate this reflection specifically to the particular investigation and experiences as a historian. Suggested word count: 400. 

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Hong Kong Legal System and Legal Method

Description Part A (1,500 words) Read Solicitor (24/07) v Law Society of Hong Kong (2008) 2 HKLRD 576 which can be found in the website of the judiciary of Hong Kong ( It is a landmark case on the DOCTRINE OF BINDING PRECEDENT in Hong Kong. By reference to that case, CRITICALLY DISCUSS and EXPLAIN: a) the development of “the operation of the doctrine of stare decisis in Hong Kong BEFORE and AFTER 1997”; and b) how the CURRENT RULE OF STARE DECISIS in relation to the Court of Appeal is different from the rule in Young v Bristol Aeroplane [1944] KB 718 ( the rule can be found in the judgment). In your answer, you should COMPARE and CONTRAST THE PAST AND CURRENT LEGAL POSITION. **There is NO NEED for you to find the judgment of Young v Bristol Aeroplane. You can find the answer from the judgment of Solicitor (24/07) v Law Society of Hong Kong (2008).** 

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Analysis Essay #1: Medical protection system (MEDPROS)

In this essay, you will provide an overview of your approved information system (MEDPROS) and describe the characteristics of the users of the information system. You will then focus the bulk of your essay on analyzing the features and usage of the information system, as well as the impact of the information system on the organization or individuals who use the information system. Detailed guidance on what to include in each of these sections is provided in the template that is attached to this assignment.


Use the template provided for the Essay (AnalysisEssay1Template.docx), and very carefully read and follow all instructions contained in the file. Also, make sure you compose your essay in the provided template file, as it is already formatted with the correct margins, fonts, headings and sub-headings, etc. Make sure you write in your own words – there must be no more than 5% similarity to sources to receive credit for this assignment. Rubric for Analysis Essay 1 Introduction (Overview of Information System) Analysis of Characteristics of the Users of the System Analysis of the Features and Usage of the System Analysis of the Impact of the System Conclusion APA In-Text Citations and APA Reference List

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Health care system in United States

write a 3 paragraph reflection paper based on a movie and a chapter of the book. There are 3 questions that need to be answered in these 3 paragraphs Each paragraph should be at least 150 words and it should include at least 1 quote. There should be at least 3 quotes from the book in the paper including an in-text citation at the end of each (Eitzen et al, 2009: page number). And there should be at least 2 quotes from the movie ending with in-text citation (Moore, 2009:hour:minute: second of the quote starts-hour:minute: second of the quote ends).

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Assignment 6: The Judicial System in England and China

The website for the Judiciary of England and Wales provides an interesting page where you can read about some typical cases and decide what sentence you would pass. You hear the case, you decide the sentence, and then you see how your sentence compares with the actual sentence passed in this realistic simulation of the sentencing process. Click on the “You be the Judge” and listen to the case and then write down what you think is the appropriate sentence. Write a few paragraphs that compare your sentence to the one actually imposed. Explain why you think there were differences or similarities in the sentences.

Review the page that details China’s trial system. Scroll down to the section titled “The Fundamentals of China’s Judicial System,” where you will find information about open trials and, just below that section, the defense system. Write a paragraph explaining the types of cases that are not open to the public and another paragraph that explains who is eligible to defend the accused.





Click on the “You be the Judge


Review the page that details China’s trial system.

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Remote Glucose Monitoring System Implementation Plan

Assess the adequacy of existing telehealth technology infrastructure in your organization or practice setting. Assign tasks and responsibilities for deploying the new or upgraded telehealth technology. Develop an implementation schedule. Determine staff training requirements and strategies. Develop a strategy for collaborating with patients and other health care providers. Develop a post-deployment telehealth technology evaluation and maintenance strategy.

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System Analysis & Desing

Text and References Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design, 6th Edition, Valacich & George., Pearson, ISBN-13: 978-0133546231, ISBN-10: 0133546233 Book PDF link – **** Each assignment Mush need be follow the following require- 1. Content (3 pts) 2. Using textbook or other material to support your content (2 pts) 3. Clarity (standard English grammar, correct spelling, complete sentences) (3 pts) 4. Response to another’s post (1 pt for each response to another’s post) 10 points total Assignment 1. If someone at a party asked you what a systems analyst was and why anyone would want to be one, what would you say? Support your answer with evidence from this chapter. **Cite your sources using APA style notation. Assignment 2 In the section on choosing off-the-shelf software, eight criteria are proposed for evaluating alternative packages. Suppose the choice was between alternative custom software developers rather than prewritten packages. What criteria would be appropriate to select and compare among competing bidders for custom development of an application? Define each of these criteria. Cite your sources using APA format Assignment 3. Read Petrie Electronics Case, p. 83. How do you think Jim should respond to Ella’s implied pressure about the importance of the project to her? What strategies might Jim employ to deal with a very busy team member such as Carmen Sanchez? Cite your sources using APA style notation Assignment 4: Read the Hoosier Burger Case on p. 120. Using the six feasibility factors presented in the chapter, assess the Hoosier Burger project’s feasibility. Using Figure 4–13 as a guide, develop a Project Scope Statement for the Hoosier Burger project. Cite your sources using APA format Assignment 5. Read Hoosier Burger Case, p. 151. Assume you are preparing the customer satisfaction questionnaire. What types of questions would you include in the questionnaire? What types of questions would you ask the waiters? What types of questions would you ask the cooks? Cite your sources using APA style notation.

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Information System Digital Portfolio and Written Assignment

The portfolio will form a digital artefact in which to present your reports, reflections, evaluations, solutions to a range of scenarios and case study. Using a range of resources, this will provide evidence of theoretical practical and systemic understanding of Information’s Systems.

The portfolio will be a continually contributed to throughout the module and will provide formative (on-going) and summative (final assessed work) opportunities for feedback at many points throughout the module.

Portfolio assessment details:

Developing your IS Portfolio (100%)

Over the next three weeks of teaching you will be conducting a number of formative activities that will be uploaded into a digital portfolio.

Expected entries into the Portfolio will be:

Reflective One Minute papers (this will be either embedded media or a link to YouTube or Flickr)

What the Papers Say (critiques on 2 theoretical papers and 2 white papers)

Feedback from the Webcast/webinar or On-line interview activity

Links to news stories are welcome but these should be your own précis with short referenced quotes, and careful referencing should be adhered to throughout, along Harvard Referencing guidelines.

Posts should incorporate multimedia elements, and at least one post should include a video that you have designed and produced

Marks will be awarded for regular and continuous entries from Week 1 to the end of Week 3.

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Project Plan and System Design Documentation

Will provide approved project proposal. This will be a single paper but two main parts, which will need to be clearly separated. Project Plan: The project plan will be drafted early in the course but further refined as the system design is developed. This way, the work breakdown structure and tasks identified in the design in need of development are added to the project plan. A. Work Breakdown Structure: Clearly communicate a logical work breakdown structure for stakeholders to ensure successful completion of the project. Identify all tasks and artifacts to be developed. B. Timeline: Illustrate the overall project timeline, identifying start and finish dates, major milestones, and any other relevant data points during the design and implementation of the project/solution. (Implementation will not happen at this time.) C. Dependencies: Clearly communicate any dependencies between tasks or resources for ensuring successful communication of needs. D. Use of Tools: Professionally document project plan using Microsoft Project or Excel. II. System Design Document: Although the project will be individually developed, the project design should contain enough detail to support another skilled information technology practitioner in implementing the solution. Determine a reasonable scope for the project so that it can be implemented within the timeframe eight weeks. The following sections should be included: A. Introduction: Articulate the overall purpose and scope of the system design in terms of addressing the problem or challenges identified in the proposal. B. Requirements: Determine all relevant and necessary system requirements based on analysis of the problem faced. The requirements should be written as “system shall” statements that are testable and include functional, design, security, safety, and performance requirements. C. Constraints: Determine the constraints of the system design and any assumptions made in terms of the problem being solved. D. Resources: Identify necessary resources—hardware, software, servers, virtual desktop resources, and so on—that are required to complete the project, based on analysis of the problem being solved. E. System Overview: Describe the overall design in terms of the integration of tools and technology for successfully constructing your solution. In this section, describe the high-level design and architecture, making sure that details are congruent with the type of project being worked on. For example, use of case and class diagrams would need to be included if the project focused on a software application, website wireframe, screen mock-ups for a web application, and so on. F. Documented Detailed Design: The detailed design should illustrate and annotate all important details to be developed of the system and its components, interfaces, subsystems, and more. It further breaks down the high-level design into small enough chunks to be properly implemented. The detailed design should align with the work breakdown structure in the product plan. The detailed design should inform the tasks identified and included in the project plan.

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CIS1000 Assignment: Database Management System (DBMS)


A major supermarket chain in Brazil, Compretudo sources six different product lines from two different countries.

Three product lines, described as shipments A, B and C come from different sources in your country. Please identify this country. This is the Group 1 consignment.

The other three product lines, described as shipments D, E and F come from three different sources in a neighbouring country. Please identify this country. This is the Group 2 consignment.

Compretudo wants the six shipments to be loaded into one dry 40 foot container by a consolidator with a warehouse next to the major port of export closest to your location and sent by ship to Brazil. There are two final destinations of the cargo in Brazil.

The first location in Brazil will receive the Group 2 consignment:

  • Shipment D:22 pieces measure 120 x 125 x 55cm and weighs 4700kg
  • Shipment E:10 pieces measure 160 x 60 x 100cm and weighs 2600kg
  • Shipment F:18 pieces measure 60 x 45 x 130cm and weighs 1700kg

The second location in Brazil will receive the Group 1 consignment:

  • Shipment A:10 pieces measure 160 x 60 x 100cm and weighs 4000kg
  • Shipment B:20 pieces measure 120 x 80 x 130cm and weighs 4000kg
  • Shipment C:6 pieces measure 80 x 120 x 40cm and weighs 2000kg


In 1500 words describe:

(a) the range of factors that may have contributed to Compretudo’s decision to outsource to Qatar  and the neighboring country and the type of cost elements that could have been included in their calculation of “total landed cost”


(b)the roles and relationships between the different logistics parties in:

  1. getting these goods along the entire supply chain from the suppliers in your country and a neighboring country to one place of consolidation in your country and loading the container;
  2. the carriage of the goods by sea from your country, importing the goods into Brazil and distributing the two consignment groups to the consumers in Brazil.

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