2018-19 ARTD6128 Fashion Theory and Context Assignment


The assignment will consist of an essay (3000 words in length) of a subject of your choosing that relates to an aspect of the lecture programme. Your essay should take the form of a question that can be critically addressed within the word count. Themes should develop in response to themes and ideas raised in lectures and workshops. References and citations, bibliography and illustration captions are NOT included in the word count. Aims of the essay The aim of the essay is to demonstrate an understanding of fashion objects and theory, culture and society within a specified historical context.

The assignment will involve:

• Development of a clear research question, which arises from a current fashion ‘issue’

• A breakdown and analysis of the key components of the question selected

• An understanding of the social and historical circumstances in which the discussion is situated

• Reference to and understanding of fashion history and theory.

Overall Structure of the Essay

• Title Page/Cover – including your name, student number and course title, and the essay title

• An abstract (a 250 word summary of the contents/argument – NOT included in the word count)

• Introduction including aims and objectives

• Background and Context with examples

• Theoretical discussion of your examples

• Conclusion

• Bibliography (NOT included in the word count) The references in the bibliography must be written in the Harvard Referencing Style, as found here: http://library.soton.ac.uk/sash/referencing This includes a link to Cite them Right, which will help you with the referencing style.

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Scope of Practice Assignment Florida Family Nurse Practitioner

The Scope of Practice Assignment is not about what “I” will do as an NP (that’s the Professional Plan Assignment). It is about what NP’s as a whole & as a profession, are able to do within our wide range of our legal scope of practice, and our obligations to the public that we serve within that practice scope. Therefore, what you’ll need to do , is to RESEARCH this information by logging unto the Fl. Board of Nursing, or AACN, or ANCC, or ANA’s site, or any other informational sites that speak to the scope of our APN practice. Sites such as the following may be helpful as a start: https://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/workforce/what-is-nursing/aprn/ You can also write about any of the essentials of Advanced Nursing Practice that are important ties to our scope of practice (hers’s a helpful link that you can navigate: https://www.aacnnursing.org/Education-Resources/AACN-Essentials And/or you can make a statement regarding our legal obligations, as well as to the ethical obligations that we have as APN in our practice scope. If done right, this assignment is usually 3-5 paragraphs, roughly 1, no more than 1.5 pages + cover page & reference. **Don’t forget, as per APA, you must site your source(s) used: i.e. reference(s), or it’s considered plagiarism. Scope of Practice Statement Your scope of practice is unique to you. As a Nurse Practitioner, your scope of practice must include the community and specialty that you practice within, and the parameters of your practice. To put it simply a scope of practice is what you do as a nurse practitioner, who you practice with, and how you go about implementing your clinical practice skills. Many nurses applying for endorsement as a nurse practitioner find this the most difficult to write. While it may be difficult to get started, once you have started this assignment you will find, as others have, that this is an opportunity to really think about your nursing practice, and reflect on the skills you have and the care that you will provide. A useful place to start is to read about the scopes of practice in the literature.

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The Unit MLL330, Health Law, has had a significant focus upon law reform in relation to a variety of health-related matters. We have seen examples of avenues and institutions through which law reform may occur and have engaged with resources that have demonstrated the process of law reform, and the engagement with various people and legal and policy considerations necessary to achieve such reform. With this in mind, your assignment is to: Work individually to write an in-depth research paper reflecting on one of the questions listed below that raises ethical, legal and/or social issues that require regulatory reform. You are expected to draw upon unit resources as well as to conduct wider research to critically analyse the issues, evaluate current legal (or other) responses to the issue, and to develop a sound argument for law reform.

1. Assisted reproduction may help people who could not otherwise have children do so. However, there are a number of ethical, legal and social issues raised by ART that require regulation. Critically examine an area of ART that raises contentious issues and may require law reform. Discuss why the issue is contentious, the issues raised, and what reform is required.

2. The law is a powerful tool that may serve to have positive and negative impacts upon public health. In today’s society non-communicable disease has fast become of major concern. Focus on one of the following matters that may lead to non-communicable disease, critically examine the role the law may play to help or hinder the public’s health, and discuss how the law may be reformed to enhance the public’s health:

a. Tobacco consumption

b. Alcohol consumption

c. Food consumption and/or lifestyle factors leading to obesity

d. Social determinants of health



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Case Brief Assignment Guidelines Sport Law

Gillian BERGER, et al., Plaintiffs­Appellants, v. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, et al., Defendants­Appellees.


Each case brief must contain the following information (for more information, see How to Brief a Case on Canvas in the Week 2:

Introduction to Legal Thinking module): • Title of the Case, Citation, Year Decided, and Your Name (at the top of the page) • Word Count (must be between 850 and 1,250 words) • Facts of the Case: What are the underlying facts of the case? If the case is an appeal, what is the procedural history of the case (how did the lower courts rule)?

• Issues: What are the principal legal issues present in the case that the court must decide? • Decisions (Holdings): How did the court decide on each legal issue? • Reasoning (Rationale): Why did the court decide the way that they did on each issue? How did the judges interpret the law at issue and apply the law to the facts of the case? What was some of the important precedent cited? • Separate Opinions: Are there any concurring or dissenting opinions by any of the other judges in the panel? If so, what is the basis of their argument and why did they feel the need to write a separate opinion? (Note: If there are no concurring or dissenting opinions, you may simply put “N/A”) • Your Analysis: Do you agree with the court’s decision and their rationale, given the facts and applicable law? How would you have decided this case? Why is this case important for sport managers?

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Financial Analysis and Valuation (FIN103) Assignment 3: Company

Background information

    For this assignment you are required to evaluate the quality of JB HiFi’s (JBH’s) earnings, calculate and analyse market performance ratios related to JBH, and prepare a report in which you are required to provide an investment recommendation for JBH.

    For the purposes of your analysis and discussion for questions 1, 2 and 4, ignore post balance date events at JBH (i.e. post 30 June 2017 events). In other words, your responses to questions 1, 2 and 4 should be based on JBH’s performance up to 30 June 2017. However, for Question 3, do not ignore any dividends that were declared post 30 June 2017 that relate to JBH’s financial year ended 30 June 2017.

    Show all workings for any ratio calculations in your answers. Your workings and answers should be rounded (unless otherwise stated in a question) to the same extent that JBH has rounded amounts in its 2017 Financial Statements. For example, JBH’s total assets of $2,452.3 million as at 30 June 2017 would be shown in the assignment as $2,452.3 million.

    Consistent with Assignment 2, assume that the only significant items in FY2017 were as follows:

          transaction fees and implementation costs of $22.4 million pre-tax ($15.7 million post tax) associated with the acquisition of The Good Guys

          goodwill and fixed asset impairment charges relating to JBH New Zealand of $15.8 million pre-tax ($11.1 million post-tax).

    Assume that the current market price (CMP) for JBH at 30 June 2017 is $23.37.

    Assume that the FY 2017 price/earnings ratio for the ASX Consumer Discretionary sector is 12.8 times (x), while the FY2017 dividend yield for this sector is 4.1%. 

 SEQ Question * ARABIC 1
      Quality of earnings (12 marks | Word limit: 500 words)

LO3: Calculate a company’s working capital, profitability and market performance ratios using its annual report.

LO4: Assess the company’s performance using the results of the financial ratios calculated to make an investment recommendation.

(a)       Evaluate JBH’s quality of earnings with reference to the trend in earnings results (at the earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) level as disclosed in JBH’s 2017 Annual Report) over the past five years; the occurrence of significant items in FY17; and the nature of its earnings base. Then provide an overall conclusion about JBH’s earnings quality. (7 marks)

(b)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 effective tax rate to the nearest whole percentage and provide a brief assessment of JBH’s effective tax rate. (3 marks)

(c)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 financial gearing profitability ratio ($m) to one (1) decimal place and provide an evaluation of this ratio. (2 marks)



 SEQ Question * ARABIC 2
      Earnings per share and price/earnings ratio (12 marks | Word limit: 300 words)

LO3: Calculate a company’s working capital, profitability and market performance ratios using its annual report.

LO4: Assess the company’s performance using the results of the financial ratios calculated to make an investment recommendation.

(a)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 earnings per share (cents) to one (1) decimal place. Ex‑issue prices must be calculated to two (2) decimal places and dilution factors must be calculated to four (4) decimal places. Show all your workings for the calculation of ex-issue prices and dilution factors.

             Note: Refer to the ‘Background information’ for additional information. (8 marks)

(b)       Calculate JBH’s 2017 price/earnings ratio (PER) at the current market price (provided in the ‘Background information’) to one (1) decimal place. (1 mark)


(c)       Explain how PER can be used to value JBH. (3 marks)


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Eco 497: Assignment 2- Annotated Bibliography

The task of Assignment 2: Write a three- to four-page annotated bibliography that is closely related to the intended topic of your essay, refers to 6 to 8 sources of which at least 80% shall be academic journal articles. Your evaluation of the source should include an assessment about how the source contributes to your work. Sources should be other than those you have used on the first assignment.


Each entry in your annotated bibliography should include:

A complete reference

A brief, but well-thought summary of the source, including its thesis, methods, and the conclusions that are relevant to your future paper

A sentence or two evaluating the role that the source might play in your own paper. As before, keep an eye on a possible source that you like and that wish you have written. If you find such a source, you may dub it the role model for your own paper.

Each entry should be a paragraph long, but well elaborated and crafted.


Your annotated bibliography shall start with a brief introductory paragraph explaining the context and the purpose of your work, as well as how you have decided what sources to include. It should end with a concluding paragraph. The whole text should be interesting, informative, engaging, and should show good command of writing style.

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STAD29 / STA 1007 assignment 1

Hand in the indicated questions. In preparation for the questions you hand in, it is worth your while to work through (or at least read through) the other questions as well. What you hand in needs to include (i) your code, (ii) the output that your code produced and (iii) your comments on the output as asked for in the questions. The easiest way to get this is to use an R Notebook and preview the results (to HTML or Word or PDF) when you are done. Hand in your work on Quercus. If you did STAC32 last fall, it’s the same procedure. A reminder is here: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~butler/c32/quercus1.nb.html You are reminded that work handed in with your name on it must be entirely your own work. It is as if you have signed your name under it. If it was done wholly or partly by someone else, you have committed an academic offence, and you can expect to be asked to explain yourself. The same applies if you allow someone else to copy your work. The grader will be watching out for assignments that look suspiciously similar to each other (or to my solutions). Besides which, if you do not do your own assignments, you will do badly on the exams, because the struggle to figure things out for yourself is an important part of the learning process. Before you start, you’ll need this: library(tidyverse) ## — Attaching packages ———————————- tidyverse 1.2.1 — ## v ggplot2 3.1.0 v purrr 0.2.5 ## v tibble 1.4.2 v dplyr 0.7.8 ## v tidyr 0.8.1 v stringr 1.3.1 ## v readr 1.1.1 v forcats 0.3.0 ## — Conflicts ————————————- tidyverse_conflicts() — ## x dplyr::filter() masks stats::filter() ## x dplyr::lag() masks stats::lag() 1. Work through, or at least read, problems 13.12, 13.13, 13.14, and 13.18 in PASIAS: http://ritsokiguess. site/pasias/ 2. At a certain small college, students take a test when they first enrol. Do the results of this test help to predict a student’s first-year grade point average? Some data was collected, in http://www.utsc. utoronto.ca/~butler/d29/grade-point-average.txt. There are two columns: first-year GPA and the score on the test. (a) (2 marks) Read in the data and display (the first ten lines of) what you have. (b) (3 marks) Draw a suitable plot of the data. Describe briefly what you see. (c) (2 marks) Fit a regression predicting first-year GPA from the test score, and display the results. (d) (2 marks) Is there a significant relationship between test score and first-year GPA? Does this surprise you, given what you saw in your graph? Explain briefly. (e) (3 marks) Obtain confidence intervals for the mean first-year GPA for students that have test scores 20 and 25.


(f) (2 marks) Which of your two confidence intervals is longer? Explain briefly why that is not surprising. 3. Work through, or at least read, chapter 16 of PASIAS. 4. Coronary heart disease affects many people. Is there an association between a person having significant evidence of coronary heart disease and the person’s age? 100 subjects were selected to participate in a study. For each person these four things were recorded: • an ID for that person (which we ignore) • the person’s actual age, to the nearest year • the “age group” in which the person falls • whether the person has “significant evidence of coronary heart disease” (“Yes”) or not (“No”). The data are at http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~butler/d29/chdage.csv as a CSV file. (a) (2 marks) Read in and display (at least some of) the data. To make the next part easier, call your data frame heart. (b) (2 marks) I wanted to have you plot the proportion of people in each age group that have significant symptoms against age group. This turns out to be a bit fiddly, but this code does it. Replace the initial data frame with whatever name you gave to the data frame you read in from the file (if you called it something different): heart %>% group_by(agegrp, chd) %>% summarize(n=n()) %>% spread(chd,n) %>% mutate(proportion=Yes/(Yes+No)) %>% ggplot(aes(x=agegrp, y=proportion))+geom_col() Run this code (by typing it or copy-pasting it). What does your graph tell you about how the likelihood of having symptoms depends on age? Explain briefly. (c) (2 marks) Fit a logistic regression predicting presence or absence of coronary heart disease from the (actual) age. Use the data frame you read in from the file, and display the results. (d) (3 marks) Is there a significant association between age and presence of significant symptoms of coronary heart disease? If there is, what kind of relationship is it? Explain briefly but carefully, using the output from this part only. (e) (3 marks) An alternative format for the same data is in http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~butler/ d29/chdage2.csv. Read the data

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[u03a1] Unit 3 Assignment 1: Database Backup and Modification

Use the mysqldump command line tool to backup the data in your database. To access the mysqldump tool, start the mysql client command line tool. Use the quit command to exit to the system command prompt. Run mysqldump and direct the output of the backup to an appropriately named file. Create a new database and restore the database from the backup to the new database. Submit a screen shot to document the restoration of the data to a new database.

Part 2 Create 3 new tables for your volunteer database to hold the street address, phone number, and email address for each volunteer. Insert the relevant data for the volunteers in these tables. Modify the Person table to remove the columns for the data moved to separate tables

. Part 3 In a brief (2–3-page) paper, discuss why the tables created above for addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are a better way to organize the data than having them in the Person database. Describe the structure of the tables that you added and how these tables are related to the Person table. 

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Culture and Ethnic Studies: Paper Assignment, HAVC 30, Western Art

Write a 3-4 page paper (minimum 3, maximum 4, not including images) on the two images above. One the left, the Laussel relief, which dates from around 25,000 BCE; on the right, the so-called ‘Horned God’ from Enkomi, dating from around 1200 BCE. How are they possibly similar and how possibly different in function?

We know little about them, and they are enigmatic objects, but do the best you can to formulate a thesis around how they may exemplify changes in culture in Mediterranean cultures. Bring in comparative images / objects (from Minoan culture perhaps?) to make your points about these two sculptures. Try to connect them to religion and ideas about religion in the Mediterranean. Be sure to review the Paper assignment pdf. which includes the pictures. And also the additional writing resources 

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Assignment 1: Stock Investment Analysis

Review the investment information for the Fidelity Large Cap Stock Fund (FLCSX) at http://fundresearch.fidelity.com/mutual-funds/summary/315912402.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: Assess the year-to-date performance of the FLCSX fund, including the key drivers of the fund performance, and how the performance of the fund compares to the S&P 500. Evaluate the volatility risks in the fund, providing an assessment of the fund manager’s performance based on the risk measurements for the fund. Make a recommendation to the fund manager for improving the performance. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. Compare your assessment of the fund performance to the Morningstar rating for the fund, indicating your agreement or disagreement with the rating. Provide support for your position. Assess the top ten (10) holdings in the fund, indicating the level of diversification in the fund. Identify a company that may impose increased risk and any changes that you would recommend in the fund composition to improve the fund performance. Provide support for your rationale. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: This course requires use of new Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details. Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow SWS or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Analyze stock prices and valuations. Use technology and information resources to research issues in financial risk analysis. Write clearly and concisely about financial risk analysis using proper writing mechanics.

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