MNG91218 PM Initiation & Planning Assessment 3: Project Planning

Use of a Project Management software: One of the aims of this Assessment is to familiarise students with utilising project management software/ information management system (PMIS). Students are required to generate and submit a resource-loaded project schedule and budget that is conformant with Project Management Institute (PMI) industry standards. Students who are experienced in MS Project can elect to use this software if they already have personal or business access. Other PMIS software such as Project Libre may be used. It is recommended that students gain access and familiarise themselves with their chosen software early in the unit so as to avoid delays due to technological challenges. Note that if students are able to access a Southern Cross University computer laboratory, MS Project is available as part of the Standard Operating Environment.


Students are required to create a small project scenario that will form the basis of this assessment. This scenario can be completely fictitious or it can be based on past or present experience. Ideally, the project should reflect the industry you are working in and your professional interests. To ensure students create a suitable scenario, the following constraints apply: Limitation Constraint Funding (To cover fixed – variable / direct – indirect costs) Up to $100,000 (direct salary, wage, contract costs) Up to $100,000 (direct equipment, plant, materials, other consumable costs) Up to $10,000 (indirect costs attributable to the project) Time 2 – 6 months duration from project start to finish Stages Project is restricted to one stage, which can have multiple phases. Work packages 3 – 7 primary work packages; 1 – 5 component work packages for each primary work package Activities 20 – 50 discrete activities / sub-activities. Work force 3-5 full-time project team members. 0-5 part-time or full-time external resources (contractors / subject matter experts (SME) / sponsor’s staff, etc.)

2 You also need to consider if the project you want to use for this assessment:

• Will successfully achieve a practical outcome in the “real world.” • Will not create an excessive workload that puts your assessment at risk. • Is comprehensive enough to satisfy each part of the assessment. Please contact the Student Learning Facilitator if: 1. You are unsure about any of these constraints or you are having difficulty in selecting an appropriate project for this assessment. 2. If your preferred project is likely to break any of the constraints listed above.

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Criminal Law: Crime & justice in urban study

Scholars and social justice advocates have argued that NYPD’s use (or misuse) of broken windows policing created more problems than it solved in high-crime communities through aggressive policing and massive arrests of low-level offenders. Between 1980 and 2013, for example, there was a 190% increase in misdemeanor arrests. In 2017, City Council enacted the Criminal Justice Reform Act to address the problem of over-policing. Specifically, it decriminalized five offenses (public consumption of alcohol, public urination, unreasonable noise, littering, and all NYC Park offenses), requiring police to issue civil versus criminal summonses to violators. In a ten-page paper, discuss the success (or lack of success) of the Criminal Justice Reform Act. Your argument (thesis) must be based on published studies, newspaper articles, reports and the data you gathered from your visit to Criminal Court1


1). Introduction (one or two paragraphs) The introduction should introduce the reader to the topic and tell the reader why he/she should care about it or why it’s important. Then state your thesis, or the main point you will argue/prove in your paper. Essentially, the introduction tells the reader what you’re going to argue in your paper and why it’s important. As we discussed in class, you have three possible thesis statements: The CJA is succeeding in meeting its goals. The CJA is failing to meet its goals. The CJA is showing progress in meeting its goals but more work needs to be done. Be sure to state somewhere in the Introduction what the goals of the CJA are!

2).Background/Literature Review (approximately 1 to 2 pages) Here, you will present important background information about the subject. First, you will need to discuss the genesis of the CJA, in other words, why the City Council pushed for the CJA. Part of the reason is that they recognized the devastating effects of two decades of broken windows policing, and how it saddled thousands of young black and Hispanic men with criminal records through NYPD’s overreliance on stop and frisk as well as the overuse of criminal summonses once stop and frisk, as had been practiced by NYPD, was found to be unconstitutional. You will find information on NYPD’s overreliance on broken windows and stop and frisk as well as their impact on young men of color in journal articles in your course pack. The piece by Barrett and Welsh (2018) comes to mind. You will paraphrase all factual information and cite every sentence in your paper that contains a fact that is not common knowledge. For example: Broken windows policing has created a divide between the police and young men of color in high-crime communities (Barrett and Welsh, 2018).

3). Methodology (one or two paragraphs) Next, in a separate section called “Methodology,” describe the methods you used to gather the data for your paper. In this case, you used two methods: a site visit to Criminal Court and a review of the literature. Do not get into the specific findings here. Just discuss how you collected your data and where it comes from. 3). Findings: (about 2 to 3 pages) Here, you will present, analyze and discuss the findings that support your thesis. Keep in mind that your research question is whether or not the CJA is succeeding in accomplishing its goals. Therefore, make sure you restate what the goals of the act are. “Lightening the touch of the criminal justice system” is one goal. How is that measured? It’s measured by fewer summonses (civil or criminal) being issued, by summonses that previously would have been designated criminal and are now issued as civil, and by fewer warrants being issued. Your findings will come from your site visit to court, the evaluation study of the CJA in your course pack by John Jay’s Misdemeanor Project, the articles posted on BB, and any other sources of information you may find. You can use subheads to categorize each finding. Subheads might include: Fewer summonses, fewer criminal summonses, fewer warrants, etc.

4). Implications (about one page). Here, you will discuss the implications or the impact of your findings. Make sure to discuss the whole issue of returning to court. A major concern of critics of the new policy is that people simply won’t appear in court because they know a warrant won’t be issued. What does the data show about returning to court or answering to the civil summonses? 5). Policy Reform Recommendations (about one page). Here, present some steps that any component of the criminal justice system or government agency or legislative body can take to address any problems you identified.

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Government Contracting & Acquisition students should include

Your assignment this week is to complete a visual executive summary by completing a Power Point. Your Power Point should be 10 pages and state your role (consultant), briefly discuss the problem, your research, and state your recommendation to the client. Remember to follow the Power Point Guidelines.

A portion of the grade will be based on Power Point Style. NOTE: Government Contracting & Acquisition students should include details about a potential contract as part of the recommendations presented. Consider that one possible solution might be to use a contract to address the issue (training, buy a new product, consulting or other products or services). The point of this exercise is to challenge you to succinctly summarize your thoughts in a visual presentation. This is a useful skill to learn. You may not always have a long span of attention from those you wish to influence, so learning to condense your thoughts into a visual presentation will be a tool you may find valuable to your future success. Submit a minimum of a 10 page PowerPoint Executive Summary recommendation to the client. Reminder: Include a title page with your Power Point. No References are required for this assignment.

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Menard & Arter (2013). Police Officer Alcohol Use and Trauma

READ: Menard & Arter (2013).  Police Officer Alcohol Use and Trauma Symptoms: Associations With Critical Incidents, Coping, and Social Stressors. International Journal of Stress Management 

Vol. 20, No. 1, 37–56




1.         What is the Problem that is being identified by this study?

2.         What are the Research Questions AND Hypotheses in this study?

3.         Is this a Quantitative or Qualitative Study? 

4.         Is this Design cross sectional (one shot deal) or over time (longitudinal)?

5.         Identify each of the variables?

6.         Identify the independent variable (explanatory)?

7.         Identify the dependent variable (outcome)?

8.         Identify what would be considered a “modifying” variable (that which might serve to change the relationship between the independent and the dependent variables? – IF APPLICABLE)

9.         Identify the measurement instruments that are being used to measure each of the main variables?

10.      Identify the levels of measurement for each variable?

11.      Identify the reliability score for each measurement that is a multi item measure.

12.      Identify the appropriate tests that are being used to test each hypothesis and describe why they were selected by the researcher to use.

13.      What level of significance is being used for each? (Be sure to identify each test and each level of significance).

14.      Describe in detail the descriptive and inferential statistics in this study.

15.      What are the basic findings of this research study  and what is the researcher’s interpretation of the findings?

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Plant Functional Traits & Biodiversity

This is a botany master course term paper: Read all articles and write a report summary, that includes: Introduction, Methodology, Literature Review, Compare Analysis, Discussion Results & Findings, & Conclusion. Use illustrative diagrams/graphs/charts/tables from the articles.

(Use the presentations to have a better understanding of the topics). Make sure all is properly referenced cited – APA Style. Most importantly FOCUS on Arid Areas/Regions, in the Middle East & specifically in the United Arab Emirates – Plants Functional Traits & Biodiversity

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Leadership & Healthcare Disparities

 In this assignment, you will read and annotate potential sources in your dissertation field of interest (Leadership & Healthcare Disparities). Those demonstrating the most merit to the best of your understanding of the topic at this time should be added to your RefWorks list for potential inclusion in the literature review section of your dissertation. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: • Instructors will be scoring your submission based on the number of unique sources identified in the list submitted. Directions: Read at least 10 empirical articles in your general dissertation field that you have not read previously. In the “Literature Review Resources” document that you submit for this class, provide the following for each source that you are adding to the document: 1. The APA-formatted citation. 2. A brief annotation of the key points of the source. 3. An indication of whether the source has been added to (Y) or excluded from (N) your RefWorks list.  4. Length: The length of each annotation depends on specific assignment directions. It can be a few sentences or as long as 150-200 words. Highlight the additions to the document so your instructor can readily identify them.

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Creating & Changing Cultures

Analyze your current *company/organization using the competing values assessment of your current organization (Now & Future). [25%] Discuss the gap between “Now” and “Future” states. [25%] Conduct an ADKAR model “barrier” change analysis to identify the barrier the biggest barrier to the change needed to achieve the future state. [25%] Describe what action(s) you would propose to minimize the identified barrier in your journey to the future state. Basically the next best step in a change plan. [25%] Upload your paper to Canvas. The paper is due February 5, 2019. * If you do not wish to use your organization you can base your analysis on Ned Bank, using the case that was assigned for class.

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System Analysis & Desing

Text and References Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design, 6th Edition, Valacich & George., Pearson, ISBN-13: 978-0133546231, ISBN-10: 0133546233 Book PDF link – **** Each assignment Mush need be follow the following require- 1. Content (3 pts) 2. Using textbook or other material to support your content (2 pts) 3. Clarity (standard English grammar, correct spelling, complete sentences) (3 pts) 4. Response to another’s post (1 pt for each response to another’s post) 10 points total Assignment 1. If someone at a party asked you what a systems analyst was and why anyone would want to be one, what would you say? Support your answer with evidence from this chapter. **Cite your sources using APA style notation. Assignment 2 In the section on choosing off-the-shelf software, eight criteria are proposed for evaluating alternative packages. Suppose the choice was between alternative custom software developers rather than prewritten packages. What criteria would be appropriate to select and compare among competing bidders for custom development of an application? Define each of these criteria. Cite your sources using APA format Assignment 3. Read Petrie Electronics Case, p. 83. How do you think Jim should respond to Ella’s implied pressure about the importance of the project to her? What strategies might Jim employ to deal with a very busy team member such as Carmen Sanchez? Cite your sources using APA style notation Assignment 4: Read the Hoosier Burger Case on p. 120. Using the six feasibility factors presented in the chapter, assess the Hoosier Burger project’s feasibility. Using Figure 4–13 as a guide, develop a Project Scope Statement for the Hoosier Burger project. Cite your sources using APA format Assignment 5. Read Hoosier Burger Case, p. 151. Assume you are preparing the customer satisfaction questionnaire. What types of questions would you include in the questionnaire? What types of questions would you ask the waiters? What types of questions would you ask the cooks? Cite your sources using APA style notation.

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(1) Principle of Clinical Equipoise & (2) Abortion and Infanticide

 Explain what is the Principle of Clinical Equipoise. What does it try to achieve? What are Miller and Brody’s criticisms of it. (2.5 pages) Warren holds that personhood occurs at some point later than birth, writing that “the infant is not instantly transformed into a person at the moment of birth.” Explain the implications of her view as regards abortion and infanticide. Having explained these implications, explain why you agree or disagree with her view.

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Foundations of Information Systems Business 2400 D E & F – Winter

Tasks 1 – 5 Using the information available in the Excel file Master Revenue W2019.xlsx and the business template 2Care4U Template.xltx prepare 5 workbooks, one per province – each one with as many sheets as locations in that province: The Ontario.xlsx workbook must include all these sheets The Quebec.xlsx workbook must include all these sheets The New Brunswick.xlsx workbook must include all these sheets The Nova Scotia.xlsx workbook must include all these sheets 2 The PEI.xlsx workbook must include all these sheets Don’t forget to enter your information in the documentation sheet. Subtask – Calculate 2019 KPIs Each location information must be used to calculate the key performance indicators (KPI) for 2019 based on this business rule: The goal is to have a 10% increase in revenue in 2019. To reach it, the company has established three indicators: Low, when revenue reaches 95% of 2018, Medium, when it reaches 2.5% above of 2018 and High, if it reaches the 10% increase.

Subtask – Generate 2018 Revenue Sparline Each location must also include a 2018 Revenue Sparkline in cell B17 – a line sparkline that shows its high and low points. Sparkline example Subtask – Calculate a Provincial Summary including Sparkline and Scatter Plot Once all locations have been created, each Provincial workbook must also include a Summary sheet where all these locations are reconciled. Besides the 2019 KPI and Sparkline, the summary sheet also needs to include a Scatter plot with Straight Lines as depicted below: 3 Scatter Plot example Task 6 – Create the 2Care4U Revenue 2018 workbook Once you have all 5 Provincial workbooks, use the template 2Care4U Template.xltx to generate a Summary for the 5 provinces named: 2Care4U Revenue 2018 – this file will have only two worksheets: The latter summarizes the 2018 revenue for all five Provinces using data available in the five Provincial workbooks. [To be able to do this work you must have all five workbooks open and in the same directory!] 

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