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Questions from the Readings assigned from the PDF-book text (AF&CC: Ch 9, “Analyzing Television Commercials”)Questions to

Questions from the Readings assigned from the PDF-book text (AF&CC: Ch 9, “Analyzing Television Commercials”)

Questions to Respond to, in a half-to-full page writeup in TOTAL (i.e., NOT a half-to-full page writeup for each), answering your choice of TWO below:

1. Name three of the elements that should be considered in the analysis of what the author calls a “complex television commercial”

2. Why the Macintosh commercial of 1984 is considered so important in the history of advertising?

3. What is intertextuality and why it is important for advertising?

4. What is the main interpretation the author gave to the Macintosh ad of 1984?

5. What are the mythical components included in the ad, according to the author?

6. What is the quote “Good campaigns end up being relatively inexpensive” refers to?

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