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PSY 321 Part 2 GuideResearch Proposal Part 2 Guide: Introduction & Literature ReviewAssignment GuidelinesWrite an APA formatted introduction and

PSY 321 Part 2 Guide

Research Proposal Part 2 Guide: Introduction & Literature Review

Assignment Guidelines

Write an APA formatted introduction and literature review. Use the Research Proposal

Part 2 Template to structure research proposal part 2. Submit your paper via Canvas.

Required format is PDF.

Assignment Requirements

1. Introduction Requirements

a. Define and describe your topic.

b. Introduce what is currently known about your topic.

c. Describe what you will do in this research proposal to fill the gap in knowledge

and/or study something new about the topic.

2. Literature Review Requirements

a. Present the 5 empirical peer-reviewed references you selected in Part 1

b. For each article make sure to include the following:

i. Purpose:

1. What was being assessed?

2. Who or what was being measured? ii.


1. What was the research design?

2. What measures were used?

3. Describe the sample:

a. Size

b. Ages

iii. Results:

1. What did the data analysis reveal?

a. Please note: You don’t need to provide statistical detail, but

you do need to clearly state the study results. 3. Article Analysis and Hypothesis

a. Similarities and Differences

i. What is similar and what is different among all the summarized articles?

b. Inconsistencies

i. Are there any inconsistencies among the articles? If so, what were they?

If not, why might that be the case?

c. Implications

PSY 321 Part 2 Guide

i. How do the findings from these articles deepen our understanding of this


ii. What do the summarized articles teach us about your selected topic?

d. Unanswered questions?

i. What do we still need to learn about this topic?

ii. What gaps exist in this body of research or what has not been asked yet?

e. Hypothesis

i. Clearly state your hypothesis at the end of your literature review section.

ii. You may have one or more hypotheses.

4. APA Format

a. APA formatted title page

b. APA formatted page numbers

c. APA formatted headings

d. APA formatted in-text citations

e. APA formatted reference page

5. Writing

a. Clear writing and grammatically correct

b. Include topic and transition sentences in your literature review:

i. Topic sentence:

1. This sentence will build your argument as to why your research

proposal is important.

ii. Transition sentence:

1. Clearly concludes the article summary and prepares your reader

for the next section.

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