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Please post 2 or more peer responses In the response posts, remember to demonstrate you have read and understood the student’s post by taking their

Please post 2 or more peer responses

In the response posts, remember to demonstrate you have read and understood the student’s post by taking their discussion to the next level through your responses to the following:

· Comparing your first encounter to that of your peers. Do you think you would have reacted differently if you had encountered it the way they did?

· Compare the most difficult thing you needed to do to that described by your peers.

· Compare your current feeling about CoVid-19 to theirs.

· Engage your peer(s) in a way that encourages them to respond to you, which keeps the conversation going.   

You will not need research in any of your response posts, but if you choose to, 

remember to use credible sources and provide in-text citations along with reference entries in APA format

Estimated time to complete response posts: 2 hours

Response posts are worth 
50% of your grade for this discussion. 

Please review the initial post/response instructions 

the rubric for this discussion to ensure that your response meets the criteria.

   COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus that has affected millions of people worldwide. When cities started reporting cases of COVID-19, the governments then responded by implementing strict measures. One important measure that the government had taken was lockdowns. They made people stay inside of their homes and only come out in case of an emergency like needing the hospital needing food toilet trees. Most of the stores weren’t even open at the time. Only the essential workers and jobs were open hospitals grocery stores police departments first responders were essential workers and it was mandatory that they had to work. Another measure they took was social distancing you had to maintain a distance of 6 feet apart hoping to slow down the spread of the virus.

       Families cope with the isolation by resorting to virtual communications with family and friends. Communicated with video calls or messaging apps. They also try to stay connected with loved ones although we were in a quarantine situation. The news and social media played a crucial role in spreading awareness about the virus and its impact on society. For example, many people learned about the virus through the news reports that were broadcast on TV or online. While others receive updates through social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook most of the time just word of mouth we had breaking news on all types of things.

       I was always afraid to catch it because I have small children. So, we all stayed quarantined and stayed away from everyone we Door Dash things and Lysol them down before entering the home I tried to protect my family as best as I could and it’s now 2024 and the virus is still affecting people, I still wear my mask as of today.

· Describe 
your first encounter with CoVid-19

Where were you?

· I was working in a nursing home in my hometown in Doniphan Mo when I found out I had Covid. 

How did you learn about it?

Another person

·  I learned about it in my workplace. Our supervisors called for a all staff meeting and they talked to us all about it and we all tested right then and there, and we did weekly testing.

What were your first impressions?

· I was terrified there was so many people who was dying from it old and young.  

Do you think how you learned of the virus influenced your first impressions?

· I mean yes and no. We knew how dangerous it was, but it really didn’t hit us hard until we were being told the numbers of elders and young kids that was being killed from it. 

How long did you expect your life to be disrupted?

· I figured it would have lasted a lot longer than what it really did if I am being honest. 

In the following weeks

How did your city, town, county, or state respond to the virus?

· They were devastated but as a town we all got together, and we helped each other and made sure ones that was sick was getting the help they need and was making sure if they were hospitalized that their things at home was being taken care, so they had less to worry about while trying to get through this pandemic.  

How did your family cope with the challenges of CoVid isolation?

· I think we did the best we could when we got it, we had campers so whoever was sick at the time we isolated them in the campers and made sure they had things they need and just keep them away but at the same time kept them close so if their health went downhill real fast, they weren’t alone and could get them help right away.  

What was the most difficult thing you had to adjust to during enforced social isolation?

· My hardest thing was having to stay away from kids even though we were all on the same land and I was only a couple feet away when they want to hold me and hug me and kiss me, I had to tell them no and it broke my heart because even at that time they were so young they didn’t understand.  All they wanted was their Mommy.

Did you or anyone you know contract the virus? If so, did you or they have to be hospitalized? What was that experience like?

· Actually, at some point everyone on the farm got it expect the littles which I was grateful for. None of us had to be hospitalized thank God. It was the worse experience ever I didnt want anything or anyone touching me eating or drinking was a no go even when I wanted to I couldnt it was just a nightmare. I felt like I was being hit by a truck and having a thousand needles stabing me I couldnt sleep either.

In hindsight

Is there anything you believed in April 2020 that you no longer believe about the CoVid-19 pandemic?

· No, I believe everything then and now.  

How would you have changed your response to the threat of CoVid-19?

· I don’t think there was any way of me changing it to be honest. The type of work place you have I mean it was only a matter of time before it would happen.  

How did your experience with CoVid-19 change the way you live?

· I mean it didn’t change anything it isn’t like you making the choice to take a drug. It was just like flu you got it and that is that. 

How did it change the way you feel about communicable diseases?

· I mean how I feel about it all is still the same.

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