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No plagiarism or AI Don’t use first person while writing  check your formatting with page number and use of subheadings which will aid the flow of the

No plagiarism or AI

Don’t use first person while writing 

check your formatting with page number and use of subheadings which will aid the flow of the paper and for the formatting please put them in order alphabetically 

Topic: Court Technology issues 

Talk about how the court can improve it technology issues and if funding is needed where and how can they get funding without having financial issues ? )

Resolution Essay:  Student’s resolutions should entail a detailed discussion of recommendations and how they will be implemented and funded, including any legal limitations or authority, the financial capabilities of the organization, as well as political reality and the possible political ramifications of the recommended resolution. In short, the recommended resolution must, in fact, be feasible. The Resolution Paper should, using boldfaced sub-headers, clearly explain the single challenge or issue, discuss the significance of the challenge to both the organization and its stakeholders, and provide a feasible resolution to the challenge. Unachievable or unrealistic “solutions” are not acceptable. When discussing your resolution, address the problems and prospects associated with the resolution proposed, including describing the implementation process and the problems and prospects associated with implementing the new practice(s) or policy. In doing so, students must clearly state the financial capabilities of the organization. The proposed resolution must meet existing fiscal constraints or identify alternate, additional, funding sources necessary for both finance and implementation. Any legal limitations of authority that would prevent or delay the implementation of the solution should be explained, and the political realities and possible political ramifications, both positive and negative, should be discussed. Students are required to draw heavily from the criminal justice literature, including at least three academic, scholarly resources. [Assignment value: 40%; page length: 6-8 double-spaced pages, excluding title, executive summary, and reference pages]

Checklist for Resolution Essay Assignment

Formatting (from General Assignment Criteria section of course syllabus)

 Microsoft Word

 Typed

 Double-spaced with no additional spacing between paragraphs or sections

 1-inch margins

 12-point font size, using either Times New Roman or Tahoma

 Penalty for falling short of or exceeding the page length specification

 Clear indication of the student’s name, either cover page or at the top of the first page of an assignment (from Student Name on Assignments section of course syllabus)

 6-8 double-spaced pages; excluding title, executive summary and reference page (from Resolution Essay assignment section of course syllabus)

o Title Page on separate page

o Properly formatted Executive Summary on separate page

o Properly formatted Reference Page on separate page

Assignment Specifics (from Resolution Essay assignment section of course syllabus)

The Resolution Essay is a problem-solving assignment and critically evaluates one major organizational, managerial, or operational challenge or issue that is being currently faced within the host site agency or organization:

 Submission and acceptance of Resolution Essay Topic Approval Form

 Boldfaced sub-headers (specifically:  Introduction, Literature Review, Proposed Resolution and Its Implementation, Problems and Prospects of Implementation, Conclusion)

 Discuss the significance of a single challenge or issue

 Provide a detailed discussion of a realistic resolution to the issue addressing both problems and prospects associated with it

 Explain how the recommendations will be implemented including the process of implementation

 Identify legal limitations or authority to enact the recommendation including those that might prevent or delay implementation

 Address the financial capabilities of the organization including how the recommendation will be funded, identifying alternate funding sources if beyond current budgetary constraints

 Examine the political reality and possible ramifications, both positive and negative, of the recommended resolution

 Minimum of three academic, scholarly resources

 Specific personnel, interpersonal issues, budget constraints and problems associated with outdated equipment are not suitable subjects

 For Honors College students, students interning with Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology faculty, and students interning with private law firms, note the appropriate addendum for information about the Descriptive and Resolution Essay assignments which are incorporated into the syllabus by reference


 On a separate page with proper header

 APA citation and reference style

 Listed in alphabetical order

 Ensure in-body quotes are cited and properly formatted

Additional Notes

 Limit both the number (2-3 maximum) and length of quotes modest, it is far better to paraphrase and properly cite the source

 Professional language

 Written in third-person

 Carefully proofread

Grading of Assignments

 General Evaluation Rubric:

o (a) specific assignment instructions

o (b) general assignment criteria

 Mastery of:

o (c) thesis/purpose identification

o (d) structure and organization

o (e) development of ideas

o (f) identifying and explaining issues

o (g) framing personal responses and acknowledging other perspectives

o (h) usage of grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation, and neatness (e.g., general writing conventions), and

o (i) clarity and coherence of ideas

 Timely submission (50% reduction of grade on first day late, remaining 50% thereafter)

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