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Module 4 – CaseCHALLENGES OF GLOBAL HRMAssignment OverviewPlease read:Phillips, J., Farndale, E., Horak, S., & Beamond, M. (2019). Facing

Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

Please read:

Phillips, J., Farndale, E., Horak, S., & Beamond, M. (2019). Facing complexity, crisis,
and risk: opportunities and challenges in international human resource management.
Thunderbird International Business Review, 61(3), 465–470. Available in the Trident
Online Library.

Retrieved from EBSCO eBooks in the Trident Online Library (click on “Additional
Library Resources” under the library search box on the TLC course home page.

Case Assignment

After you have read Phillips, Farndale, Horak, and Beamond (2019) article about
various opportunities and challenges that face International HRM management

Conduct research to locate a multinational corporation (MNC) that you are
somewhat familiar with then please respond according to the following:

Create a visual that shows five of the most important HRM-related globalization
challenges specific to the MNC you located online and rank them in importance to
their business success. Your visual can be a chart, flyer, or drawing, as long as it is
in a format that is accepted in TLC. The use of color is encouraged for this

Then discuss in detail the top (#1) and bottom (#5) HRM globalization challenges
and explain why you ranked them as you did.

Provide an introduction and a conclusion, cite sources, and include a cover and
References page.

Submit your visual to the assignment dropbox as part of your 3- to 4-page paper (not
counting the cover and References section) on or before the module due date. When
asking for 3-4 pages, we want 4 but are willing to accept at least 3 full pages.

Assignment Expectations


6/18/24, 9:36 AM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this

Meets assignment requirements: Answers each assignment question and follows
assignment instructions closely.

Critical thinking: Alternatives considered, with best answer/solution defended.
Argument is well developed. Logic is clear and easy to follow.

Writing and assignment organization: Uses scholarly vocabulary. Writes in
coherent paragraphs. No errors in spelling or grammar. Uses clear, engaging

Use of sources and mechanics: Demonstrates mastery formatting in-text citations
and references. Uses relevant and quality sources to support compelling ideas
and convey understanding of the topic to shape the whole work.

Timeliness of assignment: Assignment submitted on or before due date.

6/18/24, 9:36 AM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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