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Module 2 – CaseGLOBAL TALENT ACQUISITION & DEVELOPMENTMaterial useful to the assignment:Borsetti, A. (2021). Upskilling and reskilling to

Module 2 – Case


Material useful to the assignment:

Borsetti, A. (2021). Upskilling and reskilling to adapt to an evolving
workforce. BenefitsPRO. Available in the Trident Online Library.

Flynn, M., & Dawson, T. (2021). Building the workforce of the future will take more
than money. Barron’s (Online). Available in the Trident Online Library.

Ismail, M., Zulkifly, N. A., & Hamzah, S. R. (2019). The power of shared vision:
bidirectional knowledge transfer between expatriates and host country
nationals. International Journal of Business and Society, 20(2), 501-520. Available in
the Trident Online Library.

Maximizing human capital with innovative talent management strategy. (2019). Air &
Space Power Journal, 33(3), 69–82. Available in the Trident Online Library.

Skillgigs. (2019, February 26). Top 13 new recruitment trends of 2019: hiring made
simple [Video]. YouTube. Standard
YouTube license.

Williamson, C. (2019). Managers realizing that a new world needs new people:
Changes in investment industry spur firms to look for different kinds of talent to
conquer challenges. Pensions & Investments, 47(7), 14. Available in the Trident
Online Library.

ZoomInfo. (2020, March 27). Modern hiring process: 10 leading trends changing
recruitment [Video]. YouTube. Standard YouTube

Case Assignment

After you have read about the difficulties of finding new talent to fit the needs of
international organizations, please respond according to the following:

Create an artistic visual that shows five of the most important challenges of global
talent acquisition specific to international employers and rank them in importance to
business success. Your visual can be a colorful chart, a flyer, or drawing, as long as
it is in a format that is accepted in TLC. The use of color is encouraged for this


5/14/24, 9:31 AM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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Then discuss in detail the top issue (#1) and your bottom issue (#5) and explain why
you ranked them as you did. Note, there is no requirement to discuss all five issues,
just these two. Your submission will likely contain two documents—the artistic visual
doc and a Word doc. Alternatively, you could save both as pdf files and then merge
them into one file for submission to the dropbox.

Remember to provide an introduction to your paper and a conclusion (but do not
insert a heading of “Introduction”). Also cite sources and include a References page
that includes at least one high quality reference found in the Trident Online Library in
addition to at least two of the four required readings for this assignment. Select
“peer-reviewed” as a filter for results as well as a 3-year date range to obtain the
most recent published articles.

Submit your visual and Word document to the assignment dropbox as part of your 3-
to 4-page paper (not counting the cover page and References page) on or before the
module due date.

Assignment Expectations

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the grading rubric for this

Meets assignment requirements: Answers each assignment question and follows
assignment instructions closely.

Critical thinking: Alternatives considered, with best answer/solution defended.
Argument is well developed. Logic is clear and easy to follow.

Writing and assignment organization: Uses scholarly vocabulary. Writes in
coherent paragraphs. No errors in spelling or grammar. Uses clear, engaging

Use of sources and mechanics: Demonstrates mastery formatting in-text citations
and references. Uses relevant and quality sources to support compelling ideas
and convey understanding of the topic to shape the whole work.

Timeliness of assignment: Assignment submitted on or before due date.

5/14/24, 9:31 AM Case – HRM403 Global HRM (2024APR29FT-1)


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