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Lesson Plan Chicago State UniversityCollege of EducationEducation Studies Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan 

Chicago State University

College of Education

Education Studies Lesson Plan Template

Teacher Candidate Name:

Grade/Age Level:

Subject/Content Area:

ndicate if the lesson is integrated and include other subjects

English Language Arts

esson Plan Section

Guiding Questions

Teacher Candidate Responses

Lesson Title

Big Idea/Outcome

What is this lesson about?


Enter the standards citation and description here.


Describe here:

· Specific skills or performance criteria that the students will be able to (SWBAT) demonstrate by the end of the lesson (Use the ABCD Task Analysis).

· What Bloom’s taxonomy verbs are used.

The students will be able to (SWBAT) …

Materials/Aids, Equipment and/or Supportive Resources

Describe here:

· What materials you will be using to complete the lesson (books, materials. equipment, teacher generated handouts.)

Academic Language

Describe here:

· Vocabulary words that will be taught

· ELA content vocabulary that children need to know in order to understand the instruction and expectations

Timed Learning Segment/Main Body or Learning Experience

Guidance/Behavior Expectations Needed for Lesson / Classroom Management Planning (Instructor will provide specifics)

Describe here:

· How you will set up your classroom to address materials / equipment and instruction for the lesson.

· How the children will transition to the lesson and between parts of the lesson.


Describe here how you will:

· Get the students’ attention

· Introduce the lesson

· Relate it to what they already know (access prior knowledge)

· Connect the learning to the standard

· Preview what will be learned

Instructional Plan including Strategies, Differentiated Instruction and Time

Describe here:

· The instructional strategy (from the text or from class discussion)

· The explicit instruction you will provide (script what you will say)

· How you will provide modeling


Describe here:

· How you will provide guided practice

· How you will provide interactive learning among students

Independent Practice/Opportunities to work and or explore materials or complete tasks requested.

Describe here:

· How you will provide students an opportunity to practice the skill individually

· Independent work which may serve as the lesson assessment

Differentiations and Accommodations, UDL,Modifications (physical, visual, auditory, processing, cognitive differences)

Describe here:

· How you will differentiate content

· How you will differentiate the instructional process

· How you will differentiate assessment/products.

· How the lesson will be adapted or modified for specific needs of exceptional learners.

Checking for understanding (how does this lesson connect back to the listed objectives)

Describe here:

· How you will monitor children’s understanding

· How you will determine that students have mastered the lesson’s objective

Demonstration/Explanation of Teaching or Evidence of Teaching?

Describe here:

· How you will review what was learned from the lesson

· How you will connect the students with the learning standards.

· How do you make a connection between the lesson and learning standards and their everyday learning.


Describe here:

· How you will wrap the lesson up

· How you will remind students what they learned and why.


Rubric w/guidelines maybe required per instructor

Describe here:

· How you will assess students’ learning

· How you will determine if children met the lesson’s objectives met

References & Resources/Incorporation of connection to the educational or Developmental/Educational theory (Use APA)

Provide web links and resources used during the lesson, including citations of the text (Tompkins and Rogers,
Literacy in the early grades.


List out and attach handouts and instructional materials, as appropriate::

Attachment 1: Handout 1 Name

Attachment 2: Handout 2 Name
Attachment 3: Answer Key / Rubric

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