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it is all attached in the file, bilingual preferred because the songs are in Spanish. This assignment requires that you apply “Music-Culture”

it is all attached in the file, bilingual preferred because the songs are in Spanish. 

This assignment requires that you apply “Music-Culture” ethnographic models to analyze a musical event of your choice. Ideally, you will attend a live music show (a free event is recommended), but you can also view one digitally through live streaming or a past video. If you decide to go virtually, it can be trickier because you need to find a video that is good enough to provide you with the required elements of music-culture similar to the studied articles (artist or event). This means that no matter how you choose to “attend” this event, the following elements must be in your critical assessment of it:

• music
• performance
• audience
• space/time
• affect
• performers
• community
• memory/history

I ask that you do not attend a classical music performance for this assignment, though the genre you observe does not have to be covered in our class discussions.

Your write-up should be around 1,000 words, written in 2.0 spacing. You can write in prose, talking me through the various aspects of the model, or you can present your story with this event (as detailed and filled with information as possible) and then point out the various elements of the model. Try to address all elements listed above successfully. They can overlap; some of them usually do, so try to make them specific and evident. For example: What is the difference between community and audience? Describe this event as if it were for someone on another planet; suppose I am unfamiliar with American music. Explain everything that makes this event unique and meaningful, offering a critical analysis of the musical event you witnessed as part of a broader cultural system that gives meaning to it.

The report should include the following information drawing on key terms, themes, and ideas from the class:

• Description of the event: who was performing, who was the audience, and where was it held?
• Date and place of the event (preferably during spring 2024; events you have observed in the past– not more than one year ago–will only be accepted if previously discussed with me).
• Description of the music: instruments, key characteristics, and other essential features.
• Progress of event: how many songs, audience interaction, context.
• Discussion on the function or meaning of the performance (draw from class discussions and readings to support your arguments).
• Background on the genre, artist, or relevant context (you may want to consult an outside resource for this if not provided at the event; use one scholarly resource for this).
• Evidence of attendance (e.g., ticket stub, program, receipt, video link).
• Proofread your assignment: correct spelling, grammar, style, and format. You will be graded on both the style and content of your paper. Please proofread before submitting.
• Please feel free to inquire about suggestions if you cannot find a musical performance to attend or watch.

Remember: No Classical music.

<<<< is the video concert that we are using

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