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InstructionsYour Skills … Their Business Need Identify one employer in your area that you could see your


Your Skills … Their Business Need

Identify one employer in your area that you could see yourself working for. This should be a new employer that you haven’t worked for in the past nor are you currently working for.

Write a brief summary overview of your selected employer.

Questions to answer in your first response:


· What does the company produce? Or what service/services do they provide? What is the main source of their revenue?

· Who are their competitors? Is your selected company leading in their target market? Are they considered established or new?

· What does their vision / mission statement include?

· What do you think that employer needs to do in order to be successful or remain successful?

· What are some activities that they should be doing to stay relevant or to become more relevant within their target market?

Q2 In your second post, write a brief summary of your strengths and skills and explain how they align with the company’s direction.

· What business need do you solve? How do you solve it?

· What skills do you have or need to have to be of value?

· Why should they hire you?

The following books are required for this course:

Organizational Behavior: Emerging Knowledge. Global Reality


Steven McShane and Mary Von Glinow

Due Tuesday 18th by 6PM New York Time / 3 pages


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