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Instructions: Reply to the following posts. The due date is 5/6/2024

Instructions: Reply to the following posts. The due date is 5/6/2024

Discussion 3.1 Love Incarnate, Love Divine


Discussion 3.1

            Reading about the crucifixion of Jesus aloud actually made me emotional. As I read it, I envisioned the scene. I imagined the way Jesus’ mother must have felt watching him hanging on the cross. I can only imagine the pain people must have felt that loved Jesus, followed him, and believed he truly was the Son of God. Being a witness to that must have been difficult to watch, gut-wrenching, and chaotic. I thought about Jesus’ strength and how hung there out of pure love, even uttering the words “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (NIV, 2011, Luke 23:11).

            I then began to reflect on my life and sins. The things I’ve done that have been unpleasing to Jesus and how he went to the cross for people like me. When I read the words “Father in your hands I commit my spirit, when he had said this, he breathed his last breath” (NIV, 2011, Luke 23:46) I thought about how he remained in God’s will until his last breath. It also taught me a valuable lesson, that in God’s will, we may experience tough times and moments where we want to give up; however, we must carry it on until completion. After reading, I prayed and thanked Jesus for his sacrifice and his continuous grace and mercy.

There is a song called “Dear Adam” by V. Rose (2011), and part of the lyrics say:

“I came to live,

I knew no sin.

I died for you to live again,

So, live again.”




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Reading about the crucifixion of Jesus was something that always bring chills down my spine. My mind cannot wrap around the idea of someone having to go through that crucifixion. It is very hard to understand using his human mind of mine how can someone go through such tragic events. The details, the imagery and the description in the Bible bring a lot of provoking thoughts. Off course I am talking through my worldly perspective. I don’t think one has to be spiritual or Christians to understand what Jesus went through. I do not think one has to be Christians to comprehend how selfless Jesus was. How much Jesus was willing to go through.

Now, from Christian’s perspective, reading the crucifixion of Jesus always reminded me the most selfless act of love of all time. Knowing that that was supposed to be my place, what I had to go through is one of the hardest but most significant act that I cannot express enough. When I think about it, only my tears fall down on my face. 

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