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INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHEDModule 6 Assignment: CRM Strategy ProposalInstructions In Module 6, we focused on steps to create a


Module 6 Assignment: CRM Strategy Proposal


In Module 6, we focused on steps to create a CRM strategy for a business. These eight (8) steps encapsulate everything that we have learned throughout the past six weeks of our course.


1. For this assignment, prepare a CRM Strategy plan/proposal for a business in written or presentation format (you may choose whether to create a written document or a PowerPoint presentation).

2. Choose a product or service to focus on for this assignment. You may use products/services that you have utilized in previous assignments, or you may choose a different product or service. You should try not to use a product or service which was described in any of the sample CRM examples in our course.

3. The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience creating a CRM Strategy and allowing you to show what you’ve learned about all aspects of CRM throughout this course.

4. Downlolad the 

BA 3450 Strategy Proposal Assignment.docx instructions
 to prepare your CRM Strategy proposal. Be sure to refer back to previous Modules and Module Lessons to reacquaint yourself with the content needed for each part of the presentation (the Module 6 Lesson lists major topics and which module each was discussed).

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