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Instructions are included Part 1: Cultural Plunge Paper . This

Instructions are included 

Part 1:

Cultural Plunge Paper

. This assignment exposes you to unfamiliar dimensions of diversity or to a marginalized group about whom you have less knowledge or exposure. You should identify events that are open to the public or, at a minimum, open to individuals who are not members of that particular group. We will help identify these events, but you should also take the initiative to identify them, as the process of identifying these organizations and events is one of the skills this exercise is intended to build.

The events should be a minimum of an hour long with opportunities for in-depth engagement. Examples may include, but are not limited to, community discussions/panels, cultural pride events, or public awareness events put on by appropriate community organizations. There are ample examples through UNL organizations such as

Links to an external site.

, the
Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center

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, the
LGBTQA+ Center

Links to an external site.

, and others. Several community organizations and national organizations offer similar events, though we would recommend trying to identify events in the local community first.

Assignment Approval Guidelines

· You need to receive approval before attending the event for it to count

· Please upload a Word document with your name, your chosen event, and a description of this event

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