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 I need help responding to the questions in the attached document. TL11 – Vision of an Educator

 I need help responding to the questions in the attached document. 

TL11 – Vision of an Educator

Objective: Learners will write out their personal vision of the characteristics and qualities that they hope to possess as an effective educator.

You have covered quite a bit of ground by almost completing all your modules. It important that you are able to verbalize your vision. Many job applications require you to synthesize your thoughts and be able to succinctly describe your vision for facilitating instruction. Practice speaking it out loud so you can speak confidently about your future classroom!


Use your GO TO Page, your textbook readings, and completed modules as reflection tools, think about how each module has helped prepare you to be a great teacher in the classroom. 

1.  Access your GO TO Page write a brief paragraph to address each of the five questions below.

You will find that this may be the basis for conversation when you go on an interview. Be comfortable and confident in what your vision is for your classroom.   

1. What research-based strategies will you see in my classroom?

2. What technology will you see in my classroom?

3. What are the important elements of lesson planning that need to be incorporated for student success?

4. In classroom behavior management, you learned about rules, procedures, routines, and organization. What are the non-negotiables for my classroom?

5. In my classroom, how can I assure that all students have an equal opportunity to master learning?

Save your GO TO page in your Canvas Tool Box Folder



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