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 Public Health is the Health and Medical Lead for coordination ESF-8 functions in a jurisdiction. This includes mass fatality incidents. Review the Unit 8 Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF-8) Scenario and responses from the Unit 7 Assessment.  


Provide detailed responses to the following questions based on the new set of facts in the scenario. 

1. What are the criteria for a mass fatality incident? List at least three (3).

 2. Based on mass fatality planning conduct a situation overview: Briefly describe the incident level, type, size, population – open or closed, condition of the remains. 

3. What considerations/assumptions about family members and friends should be made? List at least four (4).

4. Identify (3) key assumptions underlying public communications. What considerations should be made regarding diversity (race, age, ethnicity, gender, class, SES, gender identification, sexual orientation, for examples) among passengers and family. 

5. What should be communicated to the public at this time? What entity/agency should deliver this information? 

6. Identify (3) key assumptions underlying FAC (Family Assistance Center) operations. 

7. Identify (3) key assumptions underlying family concerns. 

8. What is the continued role of Public Health at this point in the process? 

9. List all the partners who will be involved at this point in the scenario. 


 • For each question in the case study respond with 1-2 paragraphs as appropriate. 

• Submit a Microsoft Word document in APA format.

• References must be included where appropriate.

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