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Homework Marketing Campaign Slide Deck Part A: Slides 1 to 6Due: Monday, 9:00 am


Marketing Campaign Slide Deck 

Part A: Slides 1 to 6

Due: Monday, 9:00 am (eastern), Week 6 (Weight: 15%)


You are a Director of Marketing at a Fortune 500 company. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has reviewed your Campaign Brief and shared it with the executive team. They have asked for a presentation with details of the proposed Marketing Campaign. This presentation will be developed as a PowerPoint slide deck in Assignment 2 and presented via Zoom in Assignment 3.

Your audience for the presentation will be the CMO and members of the company’s executive team. As high-level decision makers, these are very busy people, so you know that you must present your ideas concisely, to respect their time, but also persuasively, to solicit their buy-in and approval for the campaign.

Over the next few weeks, you will create a PowerPoint deck of 10 to 15 slides. The work of creating your slide deck is divided into TWO assignments: Part A and Part B. In this assignment, Part A, you will create your first 6 slides and receive feedback and guidance from your professor. This gives you the opportunity to apply that learning while completing the rest of your slide deck in Assignment 2, Part B.

Note: Download and 
thoroughly review the 
Assignment 2 Tutorial and use it as a guide


· The tutorial document provides tips and resources for each slide in your deck; it can be found on the 
Week 5 Overview page in Canvas.


In this assignment, you will create 
Slides 1 to 6, with relevant references. This represents the first half of your Marketing Campaign slide deck. Your slides should be as complete as possible. If you still need additional data, note this in your slides, indicating what will be added and where you will locate the data.

Firstly, review the 
Slide Deck Outline below, which describes the required content for each slide. Then download the 
Assignment 2 Template, which can be found on the Week 5 Overview page in Canvas.

Save the 
Assignment 2 Template with your first and last name in the filename. Then work through the slides to create your deck, focusing for now on 
Slides 1 to 6 only. The slide numbers in parentheses in the Outline below refer to the numbered slides in the 
Assignment 2 Template. If necessary, you may add one or two additional slides for topics that need them. 

Be sure to include the following steps in your work on this assignment: 


· Research and add content to Slides 1 to 6 in the 
Assignment 2 Template

· Add your sources to your References slide

· Review your slides for consistency, grammar, punctuation, and overall impact

Slide Deck Outline


· Enter Company name, Campaign name, and Product or Service name

· Enter Student name, Professor name, and Submission date


· Introduce the product or service for the campaign:

· Description of the product or service

· What is its core purpose or function?

· What are its key features and benefits?

· Specify three or four key features

· Briefly describe the benefit of each key feature

· Where indicated, add a logo or photo representing the product or service


· Which marketing goals will this campaign support?

· Provide a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 goals

· Write a brief SMART description for each goal

· SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Recorded, and Time-Bound

· You may select from the sample goals below or add your own alternative goals:

· Build brand awareness

· Increase in number of items sold

· Increase in market share

· Capture a new target market

· Broaden the company’s mix of products/services

· Increase overall company revenues

· Increase donations to organization

· Improve ROI on advertising expenditure

· Change or improve the company’s image


· What are the key characteristics of your target audience?

· How will you differentiate your brand from the competition?

Fill in the chart provided in the template to compare your product or service to similar offerings from two competitors in the marketplace


· Customer Need:

· What customer “need” does your product or service address?

· What is the value that the product or service delivers to the customer?

· Why would a customer buy the product or service?

· Customer Wants:

· What customer “wants” does the product or service fulfill?

· How does it reinforce the customer’s self-image?

· How does it connect the customer with others?


· What are the core values and beliefs of your target audience?

· How will this campaign connect your brand to those customer values and beliefs?


· You should conduct research so that you will be knowledgeable on your target market, segmentation and other critical factors in developing a sound plan.

· List all your research sources on the References slide, in the order that they are used in your PowerPoint Slides.

· You should have some course work references and some references from your own research.

Submission Requirements

· Submit your assignment in the form of a 6 to 8 slide PowerPoint deck

· Use the 
Assignment 2 Template provided and include all required content items for Slides 1 to 6

· Limit the amount of text by expressing your ideas briefly and succinctly

· Format your slides professionally and consistently

· Review your slides to remove any spelling and grammatical errors

· Include your References on a separate slide, using the format presented in the 
JWMI Writing Standards Guide. Your References slide does not count towards the total of 8 slides.

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