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help with cult leadership style app formatTroy UniversityMGT 6615 Ethical LeadershipTERM PAPER INSTRUCTIONS

help with cult leadership style app format

Troy University

MGT 6615 Ethical Leadership


NOTE: Review the Word Setup Everything document for some basic help on how to use Word, Grammarly, etc. This document can be found in the Start Here module in Canvas.

Prepare the paper using the APA Sample Student Paper (in Start Here module) format. Grading will stress content, style, and proper use of grammar/punctuation/etc. (i.e., proofing). Seek to creatively

leadership theory. The paper must be more than a mere review of facts and articles. It must demonstrate
reasoning, by
applying at least three relevant theories and models together to analyze the topic (hint: use the readings from the discussions where appropriate).

After you draft your document, proof it thoroughly using Grammarly AND Microsoft Word’s built-in proofing tools. I use both during grading. Note that you are responsible for all issues in the document, even if these two tools do not identify the issue. Accepted rules of grammar, punctuation, and APA style are the grading standard, regardless of what the technology says.

NOTE: Download and print out the Grading Comments file (also in Start Here module), then check your paper against that before submitting. Note the penalty values for each issue noted.

The paper must be at least three thousand words in length (3000), not counting: title page, tables, figures, references list, and any (optional) Appendices; it must correctly cite and use at least 10 references, NOT counting the textbook. Two of the 10 must be peer reviewed journals. ALL cited sources must appear both within the body of the text and in the References list. NOTE: for an “A” grade, the paper must use articles from at least 3 respected journals or books, such as those in the SUGGESTED READING list. Most of these periodicals are available online from the Troy University Library.

Requirements: (10-point deduction for each not followed)

· 3,000 word length (identified above)

· 1 inch margins

· Double spaced

· APA Format

· Word Format (Apple Pages Not Accepted)

NOTE: Do NOT include an abstract in this document.

In choosing a topic, avoid shallow, insipid generalities (e.g., “the importance of leadership”).

Choose a topic of current importance that has not been already overdone. Also, where possible, exemplify your concepts and conclusions by consistently referring to a single, real, focal leader. (Avoid US Presidents and generals.) Here are some broad suggestions, you will need to refine the topic to be more specific:

Leading employees in remote working mindset

Removal of leaders

New leaders in handling corrupt mindset of former leader Substitutes for leadership


Cross cultural leadership

LMX in relation to other theories

Non-traditional- e.g., native tribes, organized crime

Once your document is 100% drafted, submit your entire term paper to the assignment in this module (the one for the research paper). This DOES count slightly toward your course grade, but only whether or not you actually turned it in to That is, if you turn it in, you’ll get 100% for letting check it, regardless of what the originality score turns out to be. This provides you with a place to get a no-questions-asked point to check a paper for plagiarism. Once you do this, wait a bit (usually less than an hour) and you can go back to your submission for the originality report. Anything over 5% is dangerous. Anything over 10% is very bad. I suggest you make a copy of your submission, remove the title page and references section, then submit your work to for a test. All quoted material must be in quotation marks, ALONG WITH proper citations/sources. All paraphrased material must have proper citations/sources, but are not required to be in quotation marks. MORE THAN 5% DIRECT QUOTED MATERIAL IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Next, after you have corrected any and all issues found, submit the ENTIRE paper, including the title page and references, all as a single document to the actual assignment submission point. Note that this submission point ALSO submits your paper to for a plagiarism and grammar check. Should the similarity score be too high (see above), I will be checking very closely for plagiarism issues. If any issues are noted, there is a good chance that the submission will not be graded at all. Blatant plagiarism WILL CERTAINLY result in my refusal to grade the paper at all and WILL LIKELY result in me having to report an honor code violation. Again, make sure you cite and source everything you use that came from someone else, even ideas not quoted directly. All quoted material MUST be in quotation marks with citations nearby, AND sources listed correctly in a “References” section at the end. See the APA style guide and sample student paper for more details on how this is set up.

DO NOT BE LATE – There is a 10-point per calendar day late penalty. I suggest that, after submitting, exit Canvas and then go back in to make sure it is actually there.



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