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eek 8: Final Draft*Promotional StrategyRecommend a strategy to position and promote the new product. · What promotional mix would you

eek 8: Final Draft*

Promotional Strategy

Recommend a strategy to position and promote the new product.

· What promotional mix would you recommend for your company’s product?

· Would you recommend using a push strategy, a pull strategy, or a mix of both to promote your company’s product?

· Who or what are the competitors for your company’s product, and what strategies would you recommend to promote the competitive positioning of your company’s product?

Ethical Implications

Create an ethics statement for the new product.

· Assuming that you have decided to sell your company’s product to a foreign market, which entry mode would you recommend and why?

· For a global expansion of marketing for your company’s product, which product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies would you recommend and why?

· Considering the ethical implications of selling your company’s product in domestic or foreign markets, write a brief ethics statement that captures how your company’s brand and product address environmental sustainability and social justice issues.

This has 2 sections: The final draft and presentation

Presentation Outline

Week Due



Week 8: Presentation

All Sections

Present a summary of all eight Course Project sections.

· Use bullet points with short sentences to summarize each section.

· Summarize each section on a separate presentation slide.

· Include citations on each slide as required per APA 7th Edition guidelines.

· Include a cover slide and a references slide.

· Total presentation length is 10 slides.

Please write final draft and create appealing presentation.

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