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EDUC 735 PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWThe purpose of this assignment is to help you gain experience with a realistic topic/issue

EDUC 735



The purpose of this assignment is to help you gain experience with a realistic topic/issue in your
current position or in a future position you hope to obtain. Once you have created your action
plan for the Action Plan Assignment, you will create a presentation in PowerPoint or Prezi that
you would use to share with and explain to other educators the action plan and the significance
of the need for such a plan. For example, if your position is in a local school district/division,
you would prepare a presentation that would be made in front of the local Board of Education or
another decision-making group. Approval for an action plan is needed by some level of
administration, so you will identify what that decision-making body is and design the
presentation with that group in mind.


The presentation should be at least 10 slides and should include graphs, pictures, data, and
citations. You should include the specific steps, resources needed, and the timeline in your
PowerPoint or Prezi. A title slide and a references slide are to be included, but do not count
towards the 10-slide minimum.

Once you have developed your slides, you will record yourself either as a video or a voice-over
recording making the presentation. The actual recording has no specific time requirement,
however, presenting 10 slides could take anywhere from 5-20 minutes. If you are presenting a
plan that requires approval from a smaller, less formal group (like your school principal) and
requires a smaller financial consideration, then a five-minute presentation is more appropriate. If
you are presenting to the Board of Education and are asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars,
then more information and a longer presentation are appropriate. Your presentation will depend
on your topic, the identified need, and the expanse of the plan needed to address the need.

For submission to Canvas, you can upload a file that is 500MB. If it is larger, then you may need
to host the file through an external source and submit its URL.

Review the Presentation Grading Rubric for more information on the expectations for this

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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