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Discussion Board #6- post due bySat 11:59 p.m., reply by Sundaynight Instructions and Guidelines for Discussion Board #6Please view the

Discussion Board #6- post due by

Sat 11:59 p.m., reply by Sunday

Instructions and Guidelines for Discussion Board #6

Please view the documentary, Unnatural Causes Part 1: In Sickness and in Wealth: Is inequality
making us sick? (about 55 minutes) The material from the video will be used in this discussion
board and also the quiz. I am sure some of you have watched parts or all of this series. If you
have seen this one and can recall enough specifics to discuss it, then you do not need to watch
it again most likely, or you can watch parts as a refresher. There is also a transcript that can be
scanned instead of viewing.


Links to an external site.

For the discussion board, please identify three points from the video that you found
interesting and then a sentence or two on your personal reaction to this video. If you have
seen this video, or maybe the whole series, maybe you can share, too, in what course and
perhaps what you else you learned in that course that might be of interest to students in this

Reply to one student’s post, with insightful commentary/discussion.

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