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Discussion AssignmentAfter reading “The Information Ecosystem,” take some time to introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates. Tell us a

Discussion Assignment

After reading “The Information Ecosystem,” take some time to introduce yourself to your instructor and classmates. Tell us a bit about yourself and then react to this week’s reading. Respond to at least one of the following prompts, using examples from your own experience:

1.  Do you agree with Berger in his assessment that “We’re bombarded with too much data, too much information, too many images and numbers from everywhere all at once?” How do you think this bombardment has changed since the article was originally published in 1989?

2.  By definition, an ecosystem is “a complex network or interconnected system.” Do you believe this is an appropriate word for how we send and receive information? Why or why not?

3.  Berger points out that “While we may be overloaded, we are also gaining increased control.” In his example, the VCR gave people in the ’80s the ability to choose when they would consume a television program. Can you think of ways in which we are also gaining increased control? Are these always positive? Can you think of a way in which more control over media can be a bad thing?

After you have submitted an initial response to the prompt, return and reply to at least two of your peers. Remember that replies should attempt to continue the conversation. Respond to the following prompts in your peer replies:

1.  What, specifically, do you agree with in your classmate’s post? Why do you agree with this?

2.  What, specifically, do you disagree with in your classmate’s post? Why do you disagree?

3.  Suggest something to your classmate that they have not considered in their original post and provide some context as to why this should be considered. 

Grading Criteria

· Your responses should be specific and thorough. Initial posts to the discussion should be around 200 words.

· Peer replies should be around 75 words each, but more importantly, they should be detailed, specific, and engaging. Offer your classmates more than a simple “good job.” Strive to make them feel like you’ve truly read and seriously considered what they have produced.

Readings & Resources

“The Information Ecosystem” by Knute O. Berger (opens in new window): Originally published in 1989, Berger looks at changing technologies and their impacts on media and information dissemination 

“Information Anxiety: Towards Understanding” by Richard Saul Wurman (opens in new window): An in-depth look at the evolution of information consumption–here, Wurman revisits his 1989 text, Information Anxiety in 2012

Respond too these in atleast 75 words each


Hie everyone, my name is Aashma and I’m really excited to be apart of this class. I’m from a country name Nepal which is in Asia. In my free time I love playing guitar and watching some good old movies. I very much agree with the Berger’s assessment that we are bombarded with too much information but I also believe that it can be a curse and a blessing at the same time. Back in the days, the primary source of information used to be newspaper, television, radio and newspapers. Even tho the internet, the information that we have today is really beneficial for us, it can also be overwhelming. The young generation today have been affected by too much information that’s on the internet. For instance, I’ve seen the news, articles and so many information about kids who were on the internet and grasping who knows what information on daily basis getting affected mentally and losing the will to study. The websites nowadays has more information then we will ever need. In conclusion, this issue has only become more advanced due to the advancement in technology. While too much data and information might benefit us, we definitely need to develop some skill to manage the information we consume.


Hi! My name is Addison. I have lived in Wade my whole life and plan on applying to the sonography program here at FTCC. This is my first semester of college, and I am also a member of the FTCC volleyball team.

Burger’s statement, “We’re bombarded with too much data”, is completely accurate. With all the advanced technology in today’s society, individuals have the opportunity to share, express, or grasp any information they desire. But, with few boundaries or limitations on what people are allowed to post on social media, the overflow of information becomes overwhelming. Therefore, when an individual decides to find information about a specific subject, they are immediately hit with tons of false and irrelevant data. Secondly, I believe “ecosystem” is an appropriate word to use to describe the way we receive and relay data. Scientifically speaking, in an ecosystem, nutrients and energy flow through a complex system of changing forms through various organisms. Which is very similar to the way society will alter a piece of information to their preference and express their opinion rather than reality. For example, if an individual acquired something on social media, then shared that piece of information with a little twist with their friend, and they did the same thing, so on and so forth, the information will sound completely different by the time it gets to the 3rd person. Lastly, since the 80’s people have definitely had the opportunity to have more freedom in what they watch on television. On just streaming websites alone, people have more than 500 movies they have the ability to watch anywhere at any time. There are many great things people can do with the freedom of technology and social media now, but with all the freedom there are some possible downfalls like an overwhelming number of false media being spread. 

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