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Digital marketing review of the Sparkling Water Industry.  See attached instructions.Digital Marketing and Revenue Project

Digital marketing review of the Sparkling Water Industry.  See attached instructions.

Digital Marketing and Revenue Project

You will explore eCommerce Marketing through a Google certificate program and explore revenue and sales models.

· Consider the Sparkling Water Industry (,,,,

· Review and analyze the Industry (not the individual firms).  Describe the industry in terms of Porter’s Five Forces Model ( (5 pts) [At least 5 sentences]

· Choose one of the firms listed above, and examine the firm using the resource-based view of the firm ( specifically looking at VRIO [value, rarity, imitability, and organization] ( VRIO attributes help the firm to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. (5 pts) [At least 5 sentences]

· Reflect on potential opportunities and spaces within the industry.  Example – Spindrift is now creating alcoholic seltzers under their brand.  Propose five different opportunities in this space. (5 pts) [At least 5 sentences]

· Identify 5 companies offering their products for FREE.  Explain how each generates revenue from a FREE product such as direct cross-subsidies, multi-party markets, or Freemium. (10 points) – [Company (1 pt) and process for revenue generation (1 pt) x 5 companies]

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