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Chapter 14/15 Research PaperInstructions:Choose one of the following psychological disorders to research.o Specific phobia o Schizoid

Chapter 14/15 Research Paper


Choose one of the following psychological disorders to research.

o Specific phobia o Schizoid personality disorder

o Agoraphobia o Schizotypal personality disorder

o Social anxiety disorder o Antisocial personality disorder

o Panic disorder o Borderline personality disorder

o Generalized anxiety disorder o Narcissistic personality disorder

o Obsessive-compulsive disorder o Histrionic personality disorder

o Major depressive disorder o Avoidant personality disorder

o Bipolar disorder o Dependent personality disorder

o Schizophrenia o Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

o Dissociative identity disorder o Somatic Symptom disorder

o Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder o Illness anxiety disorder

o Autism spectrum disorder o Factitious disorder

o Paranoid personality disorder o Post-traumatic stress disorder

Your paper must include the following information:

1. Discussion on the history and discovery of the disorder (when was it added to the DSM, first

person to describe the disorder, name/criteria changes, etc.)

2. Symptoms of the disorder

3. Causes of the disorder (biological factors, cultural/environmental factors, etc.)

4. Treatment options

5. Common comorbid disorders

6. Prevalence rate (number of people diagnosed with the disorder)

7. Other relevant research/statistics you find – sex differences, experimental treatments,

interesting links between the disorder and other factors, etc.

Be specific when discussing symptoms, causes, and treatment. Do not just list these things –

explain/describe them in detail and provide examples.

Chapter 14/15 Research Paper

Formatting and Citations:

• Word documents only (Microsoft Word) – No other formats will be accepted (no PDFs, no Google

Docs/Sharepoint links, etc).

• Three pages minimum, double-spaced, APA format (template provided). Title page and reference page do

not count towards page requirement. By three pages, I mean three full, complete pages (top to

bottom) written with the requested formatting.

• Arial 11-point font (NOT Arial Nova), 1-inch margins, aligned left, paragraph format (no bullet points)

• APA style citations (in-text and reference page) are required. Everything must be cited and written in

your own words. NO DIRECT QUOTES.

• Use at least three outside sources (i.e., not class materials).


Submissions should be made via Blackboard. Emailed submissions will not be accepted. Plagiarism

checker will be enabled for all submissions (SafeAssign). Do NOT submit someone else’s work,

information copied directly from the internet, textbook, etc. This is plagiarism – any instances of

academic misconduct will be reported to the Dean of Students. Submitting AI (Artificial Intelligence)

generated papers is a form of academic misconduct. If you did not physically write the paper yourself, it

is not “your work.”

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