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attached belowInstructions 1. Please use the data collected during the experiment to write the midterm lab report. See detail

attached below


1. Please use the data collected during the experiment to write the midterm lab report. See detailed instructions below. 

2. See attached the excel data sheet you can use for calculations- please download and enter your numbers in the appropriate spaces. You can use the same file to make your graphs. If you don’t have Excel you can open it in other applications, such as Google spreadsheets.

3. Please check out the attached example lab report.

4. Submit the assignment. 

5. Please note that the reports receive a Turnitin plagiarism report. Any significant matching score (>30-40%) will draw scrutiny, and high (>80%) matching will be considered plagiarized and receive a score of zero. 

Detailed Report Instructions

· Minimum length of 3 pages of text, double-spaced, not including pictures and figures. 
20 points

· Lab Report must include the following sections (separated by bold headers corresponding to those below). 
5 points.

Introduction: 2-3 paragraphs introducing the biological concepts covered in the lab, including references to sources. The last paragraph of the introduction should contain 2-3 sentences introducing the lab design. 
40 points

Methods: 2-3 paragraphs detailing the methods that you used to perform the lab. Do not cut and copy these from the lab manual. Write these in sentence form and do not use numbers or bullet-pointed lists. Include every detail you performed so that the reader would be able to perform the lab exactly as you did if they were trying to repeat it. Include pictures/diagrams where necessary. 
40 points

Results: 2-3 paragraphs summarizing the results of the experiment. Use the Lab manual as a guide for the type of information to include here. Create figures (bar plots, scatterplots, etc) in Microsoft Excel, Google sheets or similar software from the completed tables from the Lab manual. Do not insert the tables from the Lab manual into the document, as I expect further synthesis of these results. Insert pictures of the completed experiment. 
40 points

Discussion & Conclusion: 2-3 paragraphs discussing the results of the experiment, what the results mean, and how they relate to the biological concept under study. Reference outside sources where appropriate. Discuss 2-3 errors while avoiding the term human error. (Random Error and Systematic Error) Include a paragraph on your experience and impressions of the lab and what you learned. 
40 points

References: Include APA properly formatted references and in-text citations. A minimum of three sources are required. (See 
Purdue OWL). 
15 points

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