Stowers v. Wolodzko

 Review the case of Stowers v. Wolodzko (attached) and answer and complete the research from the ensuing questions. Submit your Answer to the Following Questions: 1. Note that this case was decided in 1971 on facts that occurred in the early 1960s. The case may remind readers of the classic movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. At the time, laws addressing involuntary psychiatric commitment were not common or were nonexistent in some jurisdictions. Research the state of Texas standards for involuntary commitment and determine how these cases would be handled today. 2. What other information would you like to have to fully consider this case? 3. According to the opinion, Mrs. Stowers was committed on the strength of the statement of two physicians that she was “mentally ill.” What additional evidence would be sufficient today to have someone committed involuntarily? What would the evidence have to prove? Why? 4. What are the procedural steps to follow under the commitment laws for the state of Texas? Include supporting evidence from evidence-based peer-reviewed articles published in journals. Websites, newspapers and editorials are not considered evidence-based sources.

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