“Lessons that could be learned by applying BPR principles to my

Start by summarizing the core principles of business process reengineering (See: The Ultimate Guide to BPR, pg. 5), as you understand them from your reading and other research. Then identify one or more key process problems that are currently being faced by an organization.

Choose an organization you are either a member of, or some other organization whose operations you are significantly familiar with.

Briefly describe these problems and their effects on the organization, as well as their place within the organizational structure and hierarchy. Then, drawing on your statement of principles, identify how you think BPR might be usefully applied to the problems you describe, and what you expect some of the results might be. Finally, identify what you see as the major barriers or sources of resistance to attempting a BPR-type solution to your problems.

Finish with a summary paragraph in which you assess the overall utility of BPR, in light of the case that you have just described. 

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