Final essay: The History of Media (Eras)

Campbell et al. outline the major Periods in the History of Media that we examined in the first 3 weeks of class: The Spoken Era (theories of language among early people), The Written Era (Sumerian and Egyptian writing), The Rise of Print (Gutenberg), the Electronic Era (radio, film, television), and the Digital Era (MP3 downloading, our time). Choose one period of Transition between Eras in Media (for example, how the Printing Press ended centuries of Writing by hand). Once you have chosen your period Medium, examine 3 ways the new medium (for example, printed books) changed media use in society. Topics could include:

• How early writing in Sumer allowed for accounting and record keeping (and 2 other social changes of your choice);

• How the new Printing Press in the 1450s enabled political campaigning (and 2 other social changes of your choice) • How the invention of home radios in the 1920s affected concert attendance, since people listened from home (and 2 other social changes of your choice); • How the TV in the late 1940s frightened the movie industry (and 2 other social changes of your choice);

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