The Biblical principles related to leader/ leadership (Philosophy)

The student will create a 12-page (with a minimum of 10 footnotes/citations) ministry plan that will explain the process for developing Biblical grounded, healthy, growing, multiplying leaders. Your plan must include a title page, 1-page introduction, 10 pages covering the five essential areas below, 1-page conclusion and a bibliography/reference page. The five areas are: 1. The Biblical passages for leader/ leadership (Theology). 2. The Biblical principles related to leader/ leadership (Philosophy). 3. Examination of different leadership styles for individual leaders and leadership at the organizational level. (Methods and Models) 4. How to create a healthy ministry/work environment that equips people and leaders to explore/ successfully accomplish the mission and new initiatives. (Culture) 5. Your plan, written in the first person, of how you are going to develop people and leaders who fulfill and serve the organizational mission where God has planted you. (Missional connection)

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