How economic theory can be useful in its analytical application to

Econ 308 Paper Assignment The paper is an economic analysis/explanation of aspects of one of the five corporate cases available. The unifying idea for your paper is that you are pointing out how economic theory can be useful in its analytical application to issues a firm manager may encounter in practice. The requirements for the paper content are flexible so you can be creative in the direction of your analysis and discussion. What I will mainly be looking for is: 1. That you take the first person perspective of the firm manager of the firm in the case you have chosen 2. That you use economic theory to discuss, explain, and/or provide insights/solutions into aspects of the case. The analysis does not need to be a comprehensive study of the case, and certainly not a summary. I will be looking for you to use economic concepts covered in the course to discuss aspects of your case in a way that makes economic sense. 3. The paper is at least 2500 words in length, written in Time New Roman font, size 12, double spaced, with standard margins. The Process Throughout the Semester for Completing the Final Paper Step 1: Choose 1 of 5 cases available on our class’ Canvas site. Step 2: Write three mini-papers throughout the semester using concepts from 3 different chapters we cover throughout the course of your choosing. Mini-papers are the rough drafts of the three sections that make up the body of your paper. The minipaper system a) Every time we finish covering a chapter in class I will open up a submission option on Canvas for a week so that you may write and submit a minipaper based on that chapter’s content. a. You will use at least one economic concept from the chosen chapter covered to perform your analysis. You do not need to use every concept covered in class from a chapter. b. You will see submission options open up throughout the semester for every possible minipaper. You only need to choose three to do. Don’t worry about the submission deadlines on Canvas that are for chapters you are not writing a minipaper on. Missing those will not hurt you. b) There is one open chapter submission option on our Canvas site to provide you some flexibility. It allows you to miss one deadline for a chapter that is covered and to submit a minipaper based on that chapter’s content anytime throughout the semester until the deadline for this paper is reached. a. For example, if we cover chapter one and you miss the deadline to submit a minipaper based on its content, then at any time throughout the semester you can write a chapter one minipaper and submit it in the open chapter submission option. c) Minipapers should be written in Times New Roman font, size 12, and double spaced. Margins should be standard. The length should be two to three written pages. This does not include headers nor titles. Minipapers that do not meet these specifications will not receive credit. Step 3: Toward the end of the semester when the paper comes due, you will take your 3 minipapers and merge them into your final paper. The process for doing this is simple: a) First write an introduction that should be about a page in length and can be made up of several paragraphs. The introduction should establish that you are the firm manager, give a brief summary of the circumstances you find yourself in, and the three ways that you used economic theory to analyze and/or discuss them. Think of the introduction as a one page English 101 paper that is essentially a preview of all the points you made in the body (your three minipapers) b) You will then take each of your three minipapers, give them a headings, and paste them into the paper. Feel free to write some smooth transitions between sections. Its always good to have a structured flow to a paper which makes the paper feel unified. a. If you did not complete three minipapers throughout the semester, you will still need to have three sections in your paper using concepts from three different chapters covered in the course c) You will then close the paper out with a good conclusion that mirrors the introduction. It should also close in on one page in length. Step 4: On or before the due date for the paper you should turn in both a completed digital version as well as a printed out hardcopy to me for the paper to be considered turned in. If you do not submit both versions, you will only receive at most 50% credit on the paper. Also, the paper will loose 25% in credit each day it is late.

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