Brenda Miller’s “A Braided Heart” Actions and Ben Quick’s “The

For this week’s e-response, please read Brenda Miller’s “A Braided Heart”

Actions and Ben Quick’s “The Boneyard” Actions and answer the following questions:


1.  Brenda Miller argues that lyric essays (including braided essays) allow readers and writers to enter “a realm of unknowing, a place where definitions are constantly in flux, a place where answers are not as important as the questions to which they give rise.”  Why might that kind of ambiguity be useful in an essay?   

2.  If you could identify three primary narrative threads in Miller’s essay, what would they be?  What about in Ben Quick’s essay?

3. Which essay did you find most effective and why?  


Your e-response must be at least 300 words.  Thank you!


 For this Small Group Discussion, please listen to the Radiolab episode entitled “Race”

and discuss it with your group. 

For full credit, you must make two posts:

1.  You must respond to the podcast (i.e. what were your thoughts, reactions, and/or questions?).  This response must be at least 200 words in length.

2.  You must respond to a fellow student in this small group (i.e. what other thoughts, ideas, and/or questions did it inspire?).  This response must be at least 100 words in length.



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