BYOD (Be Your Own Device).

The thesis is “BYOD is an emerging trend where employees are using their own electronic devices to accomplish their jobs in the workplace. While employees may be more productive using personal devices, they are familiar with, this practice depletes the company’s resources and exposes confidential data, which possess a security issue that corporations are finding difficult to manage.”…Paper details: APA formatted title page…An abstract of 150–200 words that summarizes the main points of the paper…A five- to seven-sentence introduction paragraph that includes a hook, adequate background information, and a thesis statement…A five- to seven-sentence conclusion that begins with a paraphrased thesis statement, recaps the main points of the essay, and includes a call to action…5–7 pages (1750–2450 words) of body text, not including the title page, abstract, or references page, in support of your thesis statement…Remember that each body paragraph must include the following: A topic sentence that explains to the reader what the paragraph is about…Several detail, support, explanation, and analysis sentences that include support for the topic sentence…A concluding and transitioning sentence that sums up the current paragraph and fluidly moves the reader to the next paragraph…The paper must include integrated, scholarly support from a minimum of 8 credible, recent sources that are properly cited according to APA guidelines…


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