COMMUNITY IDENTITY and relations to and with COMMUNITY CELEBRATORY EVENTS. 2. SOCIAL CAPITAL and it’s different relations (including goals and outcomes) to COMMUNITY CELEBRATORY EVENTS.

Description you will write 2-5 pages that define, and explain the significance of 2-3 key terms, concepts or claims from that Unit’s readings. The aim of the assignments is for students to demonstrate that they have done the research and thinking needed to understand the terms or concepts used in the readings, and can explain them in their own words. TAs will be looking to see that you clearly understand the terms/concepts – not just superficially, but that you have a depth of understanding that allows you to use the terms/concepts effectively and appropriately. Assignments do not need to be written in essay format, but they do need to be written in full sentences and/or paragraph form, with proper spelling, grammar and citations used


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