Lost Letters

Topic Lost Letters 

A 1500-word (approximately 6-page) reading report on the Longenecker textbook is required, with 90 points possible, to be submitted online via Discovery, no later than midnight, March 21st. The book describes the conversion of Antipas, whose story is a fictional one built upon a brief historical reference in Rev 2:13 and a scholar’s understanding of life in the first century Roman empire. In the paper the student must: 1) describe at least five specific examples from the book expressing how Christianity conflicted with the Roman Empire (approx. 750 words or 3 pages); and 2) contrast the “before” and “after” Antipas in terms of his values, loyalties, and goals, giving specific examples from the story to support your observations (approx 750 words or 3 pages). No particular format is required, but you must cite page numbers from which you draw the information. 85% of the grade will be on the content, and 15% on appropriate college-level writing (complete sentences, cohesive paragraphs, grammar, spelling and punctuation).


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