Train Planning & Performance Management

This task should be assign for a specialist in train planning management. You have to answer the attached task as requirement. The word document is the course content which may help you understand better. Word link: The PowerPoint will help you to understand how to answer the task. PowerPoint link: Sample example of answer which will help you understanding: Sample example answer link: Question & answer for better understanding: Q1: The Carriage Siding for the train to be is if the platform was occupied? Answer Q1: You can stable stock in the platforms at the station until they are full but after that if there is an excess it would need to go in the Carriage Siding at. Q2: The service start up at 0600 and operating until 1000 is it that mean there will be no service running at 1000 or after also? Answer Q2: The first train needs to be at 0600 from each end of the route with the full service being then planned until a last train shown in this exercise at 1000 from each end. Q3: The platform from my understanding is the P1, P2 or P3 where we can say each train can be run in which of the P1, P2 or P3. Answer Q3: Platform lengths are shown in a table attached previously in the question with ax extract below. Within those rules it is for you to determine what trains can use what platforms. Platform and Siding lengths Station A Pfm 1 = 8 cars Station A Pfm 2 = 4 cars Station A Carriage Sdg = 4 cars Station E Pfm 1 = 8 cars Station E Pfm 2 & 3 = 6 cars All others at Stations B/C/D = 6 cars


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