Ted Bundy

 A minimum of 12 (maximum 20) total slides.  The first slide should contain the name of your subject, your name and your class and period. The last slide should be your reference page. All resources should be APA formatted.  A minimum of five photos – one of which must be the person you are researching. All images you use in your presentation need to be referenced. The reference should be placed below the image.  Answer the following questions: o What was their childhood like? Family? Siblings? Friends? Any family members who were criminals? o Race, age, gender, IQ? o Were there any precursors to tell us that they might become a killer? Did childhood behavior reflect problems? o What was their adult life like? Did they finish high school/college? How did they do in school? Did they marry? Have children? Were they loners? Join the military? What type of job did they have? o Were they ever diagnosed with a mental disorder? Did they ever receive treatment?


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