Product Forecast

Product Forecasts: Utilizing the example from the Economist Intelligence Unit, students (individually) will provide their managers (professor) an analysis and forecast of demand for a commodity (e.g., gold, silver, zinc, aluminum, oil, sugar, coffee, nickel, wheat, corn but not cocoa). (Although some consider currencies a commodity I don’t want you to provide a forecast for one.) In addition to an analysis of present demand, provide a short-term forecast (next 3 months), intermediate forecast (1-2 years), and long term forecast for the commodity (5 years), please include actual cost/unit forecasts for these periods. Students will be evaluated on the logic of their analysis and forecast. Memo format, no more than 2 pages typed 1.5-spaced (charts/tables/references not included), 1-inch margins (top, bottom, and sides); 12-point Times Roman font. Memo format.


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