learning log

You must complete a Learning Log that contains your record of your experiences, thoughts, feelings and reflections. A Learning Log is a journal which evidences your own learning and skills development. It is not just a record of “What you have done” but is a record of what you have learnt, tried and critically reflected upon. In order to complete the learning log successfully you will need to reflect on all the field trips, so attendance is essential. Clearly, if you attend all field trips you will have more knowledge and experience to be able to identify the learning and development associated with the activities. One of the most important things it contains are your conclusions about how, what you have learnt is relevant to you and how you will use the new information/knowledge/skill/technique in the future. The Learning Log should be used to reflect on the activities and the learning that has taken place. The learning log may contain details of problems you have encountered and solved (or not solved). It may also include examples where you have started to try out or practice a new skill. In essence you are expected to discuss what you have learnt from participating in these activities.


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