Law: Policing Policy Change

You have been dealing with change this week and how administrators can navigate these changes in their environment using good policy. Over the past few decades, we have seen changes in how we deal with race. We have seen changes in employment law to provide affirmative action plans for disenfranchised minorities.

The Rodney King incident in the early 1990s gave way to critical evaluations of the use of force. Mandatory arrest in domestic violence cases not only brought about changes in the court system but also provided legitimacy to victimology as a discipline. Rapidly evolving technology gave rise to the surveillance state. Drug reforms sought to alleviate populations of non-violent offenders in our county jails and state prisons. All of these changes were brought about by the creation of good policy which includes: 1) empirical research as its foundation; 2) training support; and, 3) accountability mechanisms. Assignment Instructions: Criminal Justice organizations are complex and always changing. For this final project, identify a management problem of your choice that affects criminal justice organizations (police, courts, or corrections) and the community. In a white paper to your superiors (e.g., police chief, warden…), provide the following in this format: Identify and clearly define the problem. Identify and clearly define the preferred outcome. Devise strategies to secure the change, List at least three strategies. Explain why the strategies were chosen. Develop an action plan accentuated through communication and motivation. Select the best two strategies and propose the best way to implement them. Be convincing and realistic. Support the implementation process with relevant and scholarly literature. Address the implications for the suggested change. Present the possible outcomes, both positive and negative (pros and cons). Address the possibility of resistance and how your proposal will overcome the resistance. Length: 10-15 pages


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