Interest Group Assignment

Formatting: Double spaced, 12 Point Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins, 2 full pages (1 3⁄4 will not count), no title, name in header (no other information should be included at top of page. You must read Chapter 11 Interest Groups in your textbook to complete this assignment. Your task is to use the concepts in your book to complete this assignment. You are assigned to create a national interest group in support of community college students. Community college students face many challenges. Pick 1 issue that you think is important to the academic success of community college students in our country. Describe your issue. State what you think the national government should do to solve the problem. Be specific.

Thinking of the separated powers of our different branches of government, what branches of government will you target in order to get your concerns heard? Why will you target those branches? What techniques will you use to influence the government officials in the branches you have chosen to target? Be specific. I want much more than, “I will write a letter”. Yourbook has many examples of these techniques. Again, be specific. I do not want generic examples. You must include specific actions as related to your group. What are collective goods? Will your group be providing a collective good? What is the free-rider problem? How will you solve it and convince people to join your group? You must address this issue. No matter how popular you think your group will be, you will struggle to get members. You do not need to use any outside sources for this paper. You only need your book and your brain. If you use outside sources, you must cite your sources in the paragraph in which they are used and in a reference page. Direct quotes from your book or from outside sources are NOT allowed. Any instance of plagiarism, whether from your textbook or from an outside source, will result in a “0” for this paper.


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