Double Indemnity

Respond to one of the following prompts in 250-500 words (in your own words): Early Global Film Describe how international film styles like Soviet montage and German Expressionism differ from American filmmaking (either from the Classical Hollywood period or today). In your answer, refer to specific examples from Battleship Potemkin and M. The Production Code and Censorship How did the Production Code change how films presented controversial content, like sex and violence? In your answer, refer to specific examples from Babyface (which came out before the Production Code was enforced) and Double Indemnity (which came out while the Production Code was enforced). Auteurism and the Studio System How does Citizen Kane differ in style and tone from Casablanca? Consider, for instance, how Orson Welles’s filmmaking style in Citizen Kane deviated from Hollywood studio system conventions typical in Casablanca. Genre (Film Noir and Musical) Despite both focusing on the American film industry’s shift to sound films, how do Sunset Boulevard and Singin’ in the Rain differ in terms of their approach to the topic? Consider, for instance, their different genres. 


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