Criminal Justice: Mao Zedongs Crime against humanity

The paper will be about Mao Zedong and how he murdered his own people. Keep in mind that he did not do it intentionally.

You need to answer the following questions down below. Select a genocide-like event (according to the UN definition from 1948) to write an essay on and discuss at a seminar with your classmates. E) What happened and why? Discuss and explain: History, participants / perpetrators, prelude, consequences (local, national and international)

C) Compare with the UN definition of Genocide from 1948. Why is / is not the event you have chosen a genocide according to the UN. Review the criteria in point form in depth, compare with your case and give clear examples. A) What needs to be changed in the UN′s 1948 definition for ″your″ event to be classified as genocide? Which consequences of such a change will have for other genocide-like events. Don′t just do one list creates strong and well-founded comparisons and examples. 2-6 pages, 12 pt, 1.5 row spacing Use current source references and collect them in a proper bibliography (at least 5 different sources).


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