“Sahara Rock Art”

This research is for an Anthropology Art Class.

1. Topic: “Sahara Rock Art”

Research paper is about 10 pages and 1 outline page. 2. Outline: One paragraph of the topic and a detailed outline of the paper, including reference to basic arguments, hypotheses, data, and conclusion (all that are relevant). The outline I need it by 4/07/19. 3. Three Sources: Please follow AAA style ( the Chicago Manual Style 16th edition) for any citations. 1. Anderson, Helen. (2016). “Chariots in Saharan Rock Art: An Aesthetic and Cognitive Review” Journal of Social Archaeology. Vol. 16 (3) 286-306. 2. Barbaza, Michel. (2018). “Cultures of Peace and the art of war in Saharan Rock Art.” Quaternary International 491:125-135. 3. Galliano, Marina. (2013). “Saharan Rock Art: Local Dynamics and Wider Perspectives” Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Antichita, Sapienza Universita di Roma. 2, 350-382.


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